Tarot 12th July

Your Tarot Card of the day is the Five of Pentacles. For a live Tarot Reading guidance and inspiration from my highly respected, authentic psychics – Worldwide 33% off first reading …

Tarot Card of the Day

Five of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles the Past:

You have been fearful of lacking something? This might be money, spiritual fulfilment, or more likely affection. You have been so trapped by this fear that you felt you need to be rescued. Remember that only you can rescue yourself.

Five of Pentacles the Present:

You feel something is missing from your life; it could be cash, a spiritual connection, or love. Have you become the loser in a loveless relationship and are feeling lonely?  Improve things, discuss your fears, ask for help and be optimistic.

Five of Pentacles the Future:

You’ve been feeling left out in the cold and rejected? You will soon have a chance to move forward. Address your fears, ask for help and attend to your physical and emotional needs. Don’t fear rejection from others – be optimistic.



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