Tarot 23rd July

Your Tarot Card of the day for 23rd July, is the Sun, the card which corresponds so well to the sign of Leo which the Sun enters today. This is an incredibly positive card, one which reinforces us…

The Sun

Here are the three tenses of The Sun, for a Past, Present and Future Tarot spread…

The Sun Tarot Past:

Recently you have been basking in the sunlight, but have you been trying to kid yourself into thinking you are happier than you are? Or even only looking at the surface of situations? Hopefully, your happiness has been genuine and you have been having a truly wonderful time. It may even be that you have been visiting or living somewhere sunny and warm. This will act as a sure foundation stone for future endeavours.  If you have sat some kind of examination The Sun seems to suggest that you have done well. Any health issues should take a positive turn.

The Sun Tarot Present:

Express your feelings and ambitions. Success and happiness are in the air, it is time to reach up and grab them. You can manifest your goals as your self-confidence glows like the sun. You are feeling positive, and are in the spotlight. If you are in a relationship accept your lover for who they are, don’t try to change them. Should you be thinking of setting up home with a partner, starting a family, or starting out on a new venture there is a strong suggestion that all will go wonderfully well. Similarly examinations seem have the right results.

The Sun Tarot Future:

What a great card to have in this position! You’re moving away from any past negativity, towards a much happier time. A new relationship looks likely, it may develop in to friendship as much as a love match, but it’ll be rewarding. Business and educational endeavours are enhanced by easy communications and all your efforts will be rewarded. Major life changes such as moving in with a partner, starting a family, or beginning a new venture appear to have a bright future. You can also find yourself enjoying a burst of vitality, or lapping up the sunshine in fabulous foreign climes.

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