Tarot 26th April

Today’s Tarot card of the day is The Empress. This relates very much to the feminine principle. This card is therefore linked to nurturing, the home, the family and potentially to looking after children.

Tarot 26th April

So let’s explore what this card means across the three tenses of Past, Present and Future…

The Empress the Past

Perhaps you have been too ready to part with your pennies in the past, well we learn from our mistakes. This card suggests the importance of a ‘mothering’ role in your life, this could have been you, but it could point to a mother figure, at worst she could have been controlling but she could have been a wonderful support. There is also likelihood that you have been neglecting your creative side. You seem to have spent a good deal of time in your house, and whilst adoring your abode is fine, you need to explore the outside world more.

The Empress the Present

Your nurturing instinct is uppermost at the moment, you need harmony in your relationships – this includes your relationship with yourself. This card suggests you’re ‘mothering’ someone; equally someone could be mothering you. It may also be that you or someone you know will become a mother, if so parenting skills will come easily to those involved. Generally, this is a fortunate card, creativity is highlighted any artistic endeavour will succeed. Career success is marked in relation to; art, craft, and the beauty industry. If you seem to be being blocked in some way this could be due to a difficult female.

The Empress the Future

You’ll want the best out of life and all those luxuries sitting in the shops will call to you. But things won’t just fall at your feet, don’t worry, you are entering a creative time possibly related to beauty or the arts, and this helps. Generally with this card any plan however ambitious will succeed with your effort. In relationships, partnerships are satisfying and you can share you emotions freely. Heterosexual men could find the woman of their dreams! There is also the chance of a pregnancy around you soon, if so parenting skills will come naturally to those involved.

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