Tarot 27th July

Your Tarot Card of the day for the 27th July is the Two of Wands. Now, on this occassion this just came up completely randomly for me. Remember to check out my wonderful, FREE Three Card tarot…

Two of Wands

Two of Wands the Past:

You have been feeling invigorated. Great, but have you been feeling so good that you’ve neglected your needs by burning the candle at both ends? Or been so happy that plans have been lost in a hedonistic haze? Try to be more grounded.

Two of Wands the Present:

You may be feeling omnipotent and believe you have The Midas touch, turning everything to gold, be it in career, education, or love, but is this totally realistic? You’re running the risk of overstretching yourself. Pride comes before a fall.

Two of Wands the Future:

The time is coming when initiative comes to the fore, and you can be there to take full advantage! This may mean working with someone to achieve the best results. Go out and show the world just what you can do.

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