Tarot 9th July

With all the focus on alleged wrong doing in the British Media, and the announcement by the Prime Minister that there will be a judicial review, your Tarot Card for 9th July, 2011 is Judgement.

Tarot Judgement

Tarot Judgement – Past:

Have you been feeling a little bit guilty about something recently? Or is it that awful feeling someone is judging you? Think about this calmly, are you really in the wrong, or is it that you are taking too much responsibility for others? Perhaps you’ve been accepting things the way they are, when you might have been happier exploring new ideas. This is a card which suggests change, but this change is not sudden or even that unexpected, it signifies the end of one chapter and the start of another. The past is behind you, now you must move forward.

Tarot Judgement – Present:

It might be the time has come to release old attitudes; this could be in relation to family, morals or a lover. You’ve begun to have new insights into relationship matters, this is a good time to start afresh, drop the past, and accept and take responsibility for your own actions. Just don’t try to play the blame game. Judgement tends to signify a change; this is a natural conclusion to events rather than a bolt from the blue, and frees you to move on to explore different experiences. If you’re contemplating a career change, this would be a good time.

Tarot Judgement – Future:

You just can’t hide from the facts however you feel about them. But at least you will be able to express your opinions, make choices and grab opportunities. You will feel a sense of relief after everything is out in the open. This will also mean that you will feel that you can forgive yourself and others for past errors. You are certainly entering an exciting new chapter in your life that is the result of a natural progression rather than a bolt from the blue. Career, legal matters and exam results are likely to have a particularly positive outcome.

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