Tarot of the Day 29th March

After a gap, apologies (always too much to do and not enough time to do it in) I continue today on my series of Tarot Card of the Day, and today I am focusing on the Ace of Cups, a quite splendid card.

Ace of Cups

Here is a three card reading, and a take on the Ace of Cups…

Ace of Cups Past

You have let your heart rule your head; this has distanced you from the reality of a situation. Have you given your love to a less than deserving cause? Or was the opposite true, should you have opened your heart to someone?

Ace of Cups Present

The spiritual aspects of your relationship are becoming important. There is also the likelihood of a great gift, an enchanting encounter or a wonderful opportunity heading your way, all you have to do is be sure you recognise it.

Ace of Cups Future

So much is offered to you. Love, insight and spirituality are all yours to develop as you wish. If you have a partner you can connect with them in all these ways, and physically too. Follow your intuition for best results.

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