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When your career advisor asked you what job you wanted to when you left school, the chances are you didn’t think “ah, yes. think I’ll do a Diploma in Exorcism, at college!”

This particular career path sounds more relevant to the Middle Ages than the 21st Century, but in fact you would be mistaken; the Vatican has a number of specialists in this area.

Gabriel Amorth

The best known is Gabriele Amorth, a Taurus (born May 1st 1925) who is an Italian Roman Catholic priest. Amorth has been the Vatican’s top demon fighter for 25 years and boasts some 70,000 exorcisms.

Father Amorth, aged 86, is honorary president of the International Association of Exorcists. He fought for the Resistance in the Second World War, then took a law degree and entered the Church.

He began conducting exorcisms shortly after his ordination 60 years ago and in 1986 he was appointed by Cardinal Ugo Poletti, then the Vicar of Rome, as assistant to Father Candido Amantini, the chief exorcist, eventually succeeding him.

Hitler possessed

Amorth believes Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler and Stalin were possessed. He claims to have seen people spit nails, glass and rose petals during exorcisms.

As dramatic as this all sounds, don’t worry, Father Amoth has said that in actual fact there are only a very small number of exorcisms carried out worldwide!

Phew! Maybe you can after all stick to thinking about that nursing or plumbing training course!

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