Venus conjunct Pluto 9th February 2011…

Venus conjunct Pluto

The big influence in the Air signs of the last couple of days, is dimmed slightly by the move of the Moon into the Earthy and sensual Taurus and the clinch between slinky Venus and the deep, passionate, and intense Pluto, in Capricorn.

In truth, this latter influence has been building for a couple of days, it’s just that the orb, or distance between two planets forging an exact aspect, has narrowed now, to only 1 degree apart. Even so, this aspect will be very much alive, through to Saturday.

Now if you are an Earth sign, this can put you in touch with your desire nature, and anything from a really good glass of wine, to lush food, and some flirty fripperies, can definitely tickle your fancy.

Venus, sex and money…

So with Venus’s appreciation of sex, money, fine furnishings and fine clothing, Pluto increases our lust for life, but it also this is the planet of power. And when the two mix it can mean that people use control and manipulation in order to get what they want and need.

However, this does depend on the exact circumstances of your unique situation, and it could be you just get “the urge” as Peter Cook and Dudley Moore used to say, for a really nice meal, a candlelight dinner, or a new piece of furniture, it doesn’t have to be sinister.

Astrology and Valentine’s Day

Either way, with Valentine’s Day racing up next Monday, this aspect couldn’t be better timed to prime things!

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