Weekly Astrology & Spirituality Weekly Show | 14th March to 20th March 2022

Patrick shares that this week the combination of Venus and Mars in Aquarius can prime the potential for group cooperation and collaboration but the jarring energies of Uranus on them from Wednesday can see forceful actions or forceful resistance.

With the Virgo Full Moon of Friday angling to the transformative Pluto, and then the Spring Equinox on Sunday, from an astrological perspective this is certainly an action packed week.

Alyssa also outlines how the glory of the Ten of Cups can unlock some magical positive’s and together with the Jupiter/Mercury conjunction at the week’s end, hopefully a portent of better things to come.

The A Team discuss the Word of the Week of Meditation, and Patrick shares the Birthday Free Prize Draw Natal Winner, and Alyssa wraps things up with the Arch Angel Gabriel Oracle Cards of “Classes” and “Daily Practice” and for more on this and so much more…

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Post Author: Patrick Arundell