Weekly Astrology Video Horoscopes WC 17th June 2024 + All Signs

The week begins with a glittering conjunction between Mercury and Venus in Gemini.

• But with Neptune applying in a 90 Degree Square this can create complexities as well as opportunities around how we relate or share information. Distortion is possible.

• Yet this fabulous duo soon travel forward, entering the Water sign of Cancer later on Monday.

• Whatever we have discussed or thought about can now be processed through a more feeling dimension which can be very valuable.

• Yet, they are met in a Quincunx by Pluto, in the potentially detached, rather logical first degree of Aquarius. So, getting in touch with our inner world could be challenged by outside forces or energies or someone’s cold rationale.

• The Summer Solstice of Thursday amps up this Cancerian energy furthermore, but also meets Pluto in this discordant angle.

• By the time of the Capricorn Full Moon of Saturday, the Pluto energy peaks but Neptune on the Anaretic degree in Pisces also feeds into this event.

• So, this week offers great opportunities to connect with home, family, healing, our inner worlds, nature, the environment but we just need to be mindful that worldly demands – the Full Moon and hard to see undercurrents – Neptune – and arch cool logic, Pluto, may be distracting at times.

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Post Author: Patrick Arundell