Weekly Horoscopes from 13th May

Today your Weekly Horoscope Forecasts have gone live for Week Commencing 13th of May. You can also read about Friday 13th May.

There are four types of Astrology Forecasts that I offer General Horoscopes, Love Horoscopes,Chinese Horoscopes and Indian Horoscopes. Tune in for your insights for the week.

Weekly Horoscopes from 13th May

Here I explore the big planetary issues that will affect your zodiac sign, across Money, Health, Energy and Love too. Find out the main areas you need to be conscious of so you can time your moves – General Horoscopes.

Love Horoscopes from 13th May

Find out what the key strands are for your love life and relationships and partnerships in general. Is it time to contact that person you are attracted to, or should you bide your time. And what sort of responses will be coming back to you? Love Horoscopes

Chinese Horoscopes from 13th May

Our world renowned specialist Nathaniel brings you a fascinating insight into the world of Chinese Astrology. This works very differently to Western Astrology, being based on your animal sign. I’m a Rooster by the way. See what the great man has to say for you – Chinese Horoscopes

Indian Astrology from 13th May

Our dear colleague Nishchal, is based in India so these are totally authentic Indian Horoscopes. You can also read about his interpretation of each Indian Zodiac sign, and remember the Vedic astrology system is based on the Moon’s location at the time of your birth, not the Sun as in Western Astrology – Indian Horoscopes

Personal Horoscopes

And remember, if you want to know how planetary activity will impact upon you, based on the influences you were given at the moment or day of your birth, you can order from me, your own unique Character Analysis or 12 Month Personal Horoscopereport, which can be emailed to you in seconds.

Good luck!

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