Year 2023 has been quite the year, but what does Year 2024 hold in store for us all collectively?

The year begins with Mercury in Retrograde in Sagittarius, and 2024 sees four lots of Fire Sign Mercury Retrogrades, the second in Sagittarius in late November and the first half of December. We must expect disruption to travel and distribution networks. Widespread Industrial action is likely to feature and public demonstrations.

Pluto returns to Aquarius for 38 weeks from 21st January. This will see more evolution around business, technology, working practices and medicine.

We also have two more Solar Eclipses across the Aries/Libra Axis but the first in September in Pisces ushering in a new series. Finding a balance between our individual needs and the way we connect to others is the key.

There are seminal links between Jupiter and Uranus, and Venus and Jupiter in April and May, before Jupiter enters Gemini on the 23rd May, further speeding changes in social media, and the management and distribution of news.

Mars ends the year in Retrograde in Leo, once more pointing towards public displays of frustration, but all this fiery energy will see some new creative players and stars strutting the world stage, but may also see popular nationalism continuing to create instability the world over.

So how will this impact on your own unique personal situation? Give me with me three crucial pieces of your Birth Data of Time, Date and Place and gain searing insights for the time ahead, and your deeper life patterns.

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Post Author: Patrick Arundell