Buying the House from Hell

Published: Sunday, 16 February 2014 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

You may remember an earlier article we published concerning Latoya Ammons, who believed her children were possessed, Well, the story has taken another twist recently, as her haunted Indiana home has been bought by ghost hunter Zak Bagans. The house became famous five days ago after the story of Latoya Ammons, its previous owner, came to the public’s attention. The story started in 2012, when the walls of the house appeared to bleed clear oil, which 'froze' the finger of a social worker who touched it. Furthermore, psychiatrists, priests, police officers and medical personnel, have all corroborated aspects of Ms Ammons’ story. Most notably, one incident in which her son was taken to hospital. Whist he was there, horrified staff watched him climb backwards up a wall. In contrast, the person who sold the house to Zak Bagans, has said that they suffered no problems with the building, other than the invasive presence of the press and sightseers attracted by its notoriety. So why did Zak Bagans pay $35,000 for a house which has been described as a portal to hell? Well, Zak is a ghost hunter who has been producing Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel since 2008. During the programme, Zak tours haunted places, interviews locals about paranormal activity, and often confronts the ghosts. At the moment, he says he has not decided exactly what to do with his latest ‘possession’, but he added it will probably involve researching the strange phenomena which Ms Ammons reported.

Buying the House from Hell
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