Andy Murray's Personal Horoscope

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Andy Murray is a professional tennis player ranked number five in the world and number one in Britain. On July 7th 2013, he won the 2013 Wimbledon Championship, becoming the first man to do so since Fred Perry seventy-seven years ago. In 2013, he also became the sixth man in tennis history to have earned over thirty million in prize money.

Winner of the 2013 Wimbledon Championship

His horoscope chart reveals he is a natural sportsman who will not let setbacks affect his outlook and goals. He has a Virgo Ascendant along with a Taurus Sun, both earthy signs which help ground his energy and lend him the stamina to keep going. In particular, his Virgo Ascendant encourages attention to detail and a willingness to perfect his technique. Plus, his disciplined approach means he’ll get better and better. He has shown remarkable ability and the kind of tenacity that is needed to stay in the upper echelons of the game.

Immense resilience and vitality

Perhaps the most intense area of his chart involves Mars in Gemini in opposition to a Saturn, Moon, Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius. This blend of influences gives him immense resilience and vitality, yet might have bordered on being rebellious and impulsive, if it weren’t for the influence of Saturn. Saturn’s presence gives ballast, and encourages Andy to find a channel for all that pent up energy. Along with this, Jupiter trines Saturn, heightening his focus and giving him the laser-like concentration needed to achieve his goals.

Andy Murry and Kim Sears

The other question on people’s minds seems to be whether he will marry his long-term and loyal girlfriend Kim Sears. The reason why he hasn’t rushed into it is associated with the divorce of his parents when he was nine, which deeply affected him. He likely won’t get married until he retires, as he hopes to have children and doesn’t want his tennis commitments to take him away from them.

The divorce of his parents might link in with the Saturn, Moon Uranus conjunction in his fourth house and family sector, which certainly hints at tensions on the home front - with the potential for disruption. However, a look at Kim’s chart reveals that she has a similar alignment. Her Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Uranus in Sagittarius tie in to Andy’s conjunction, suggesting that she understands him and is in a position to support him.

The relationship does seem fairly intense, though, as she has a Mars Pluto conjunction in Scorpio which conjuncts his Pluto. Although Andy is the star in the relationship, she may well be the boss. However, the inter-aspects between them suggest that they are together for the long haul - as there is a very deep and committed bond between them.

A look at Andy’s transits reveals that the coming year brings plenty of opportunities to excel. During the Wimbledon Tournament 2014, he has a good chance to do well, with no immediate setbacks showing up. However, transiting Saturn will oppose his Sun and natal Mercury at the end of this year and on into 2015, when he may face obstacles which require flexibility and intense determination. He will need to perform better than his best. Yet, this alignment might encourage him to do just that.

Andy Murray's Personal Horoscope

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