Angelina Jolie's Personal Horoscope

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As well as being an A-list celebrity and Hollywood actress, Angelina Jolie is also a film director, screen writer and author. In addition, she is known for promoting humanitarian causes, specifically her work with refugees. It was when filming Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in Cambodia back in 2001 that she experienced her first humanitarian crisis, which fueled a desire to help raise awareness of the plight of displaced peoples’ the world over.

A Natural Actress and Communicator

Her Sun and Mercury in Gemini make her a natural actress and communicator, while the Sun’s links to Mars, the Moon and Jupiter in Aries suggest that above all she is an action orientated person who might find it hard to sit by and do nothing if she sees an issue that needs addressing. Plus, having Jupiter conjunct her Midheaven reveals she is destined to play a big role on the stage of life, not only for her acting ability but for her charitable work too. 

In 2001 she experienced her first humanitarian crisis

So, what makes her so open to and aware of the suffering of others? Angelina Jolie's horoscope shows us Neptune in Sagittarius positively aspects her Moon and Mars in Aries, making her very sensitive to the plight of people in distress. Add to this a Cancer Ascendant, and she becomes mother to the world, desiring to nurture and care for those in need. Yet, she is also a mother to Maddox whom she adopted shortly after finishing filming in Cambodia, and subsequently five other children. She and Brad Pitt, her then and current partner, adopted Sahara Marley from Ethiopia and later Pax from Vietnam. In the meantime, she had her first biological daughter born in Namibia and finally twins born in France - a boy and a girl. The thing about Angelina is that she seems to take all of this in her stride, with no complaints and is a wonderful parent.

She lost her own mother to whom she was very close in 2007 at age 56 of ovarian cancer. Her maternal grandmother also died of ovarian cancer at age 45. Because of this and of learning that she had an 87% chance of developing breast cancer due to a defective BRCA1 gene, she decided to undergo a double mastectomy in February 2013. It is interesting to note that during this time she had transiting Pluto square her natal Mars, which can be linked with surgery that has significant consequences. This transit repeated two more times over 2013, but wasn’t the only intense aspect as Uranus conjuncted her natal Mars and opposed her natal Pluto. These high-powered influences certainly point to extreme measures in order to save her own life, and to enable her to be around in the future for her own children and partner.

A look at her current transits reveals that they continue to be intense, yet when we consider that she is also involved in a campaign against sexual violence in military zones and has recently attended a conference on this with former UK Foreign Secretary William Hague, it is hardly surprising. Currently transiting Pluto challenges her natal Moon, while Uranus conjuncts it, which highlights perfectly the symbolism of the cause she is supporting, in which vulnerable women are suffering terrible abuse in war zones and subsequently living with this constant threat hanging over them.

As a highly paid actress and a person in a position of power and fame, she is using her wealth and situation to help others and has, as a result, been awarded a number of prestigious titles.  She has gone from a wild child persona to someone who is devoted, giving a voice to the millions of humans who have been left by the wayside due to war or other disasters.

Angelina Jolie's Personal Horoscope

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