Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Horoscope

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Catherine, Prince William and Prince George, are currently touring New Zealand and Australia - making this a first for George, who seems to be dealing with the experience like a pro. Perhaps it’s in his blood!

Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge

Catherine herself, seems to have slotted into the Royal regime fairly easily too, despite having to wait for quite some time before her engagement, then marriage to Prince William.

A look at Catherine's horoscope chart, for which there is no known birth time, reveals a lot about her personality and attitude to life, and how it has shaped events so far. With her Sun in Capricorn, it is certain that she has ambitions. In fact, it is said that she had a picture of Prince William on the wall of her bedroom from the age of nine, seeming to know what she wanted from an early age.

Prince William on the wall of her bedroom

Perhaps one of the major features of her chart is a Saturn Pluto conjunction in Libra, which suggests that no matter what is going on, she can adapt, and to an extent, act the part with great aplomb. In addition, with Mars in Libra, she can be the soul of tact and discretion, something certainly needed in the circles in which she moves. The presence of Jupiter in Virgo, might also account for her natural sense of style that is usually elegant and very neat.

William and Catherine, the royal rulebook

However, the Duchess also has a more informal and perhaps rebellious side, which might not show up when she’s on walkabout. Though it does suggest that herself and Prince William, may have rewritten the royal rulebook to suit themselves, rather than the other way around.

With both Mercury and Venus in Aquarius, she is an independent thinker and perhaps a collector of gadgets. With both planets sextiling Uranus in Sagittarius, she also has a love of adventure and might like nothing more than to get away for an impromptu break where she can walk, sail, climb and do all of the things she enjoys. As natal Neptune sextiles her Saturn Pluto conjunction, there’s a hint here that her sporty side provides a genuine escape and source of rejuvenation from the rigors of public duty. Yet, her Moon in Cancer, reveals that she’s a natural mother who adores her son and the joys of family life.

Though 2014 seems to unfold in a fairly positive and harmonious way, 2015 could be more of a challenge for her, as transiting Saturn conjuncts Uranus, and transiting Uranus squares her Sun and Moon, which might coincide with a need for greater personal freedom. However, as the years unfold, it’s likely that things won’t get any easier on this score, meaning a compromise may be necessary!

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Horoscope

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