Charlie Sheen Horoscope

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Charlie Sheen Horoscope

In November 2015, Charlie Sheen announced that he had been diagnosed with HIV for about 4 years. He said he wanted to "come clean" and put an end to the "barrage of attacks and sub-truths". Subsequently he has received widespread condemnation for having had unprotected sex since his diagnosis. 'Charlie' maintains that he never had sex with anyone without them knowing of his diagnosis, and with current medication there is a very low risk of infecting another. Amanda Bruce, a nurse and sexual partner, supported this statement on a talk show but others claim there was no disclosure and are filing lawsuits.

That is a brief synopsis of the situation and this is an attempt to look at things from an astrological perspective rather than a critical or judgemental one.

Charlie Sheen Astrology Overview 2016

Looking at his chart first, Charlie Sheen can best be described in his own words as a "Warlock with Tiger blood", a "Rock star from Mars" and his comment to a journalist "If you borrowed my brain for five seconds you couldn't handle it". He has a Sun (spirit, identity) Uranus (rebel, mind magician) and Pluto (intensity, power, transformation) conjunction in Virgo (the analyst) in the 5th house (drama, play, love, self-expression). The Warlock is the eccentric Uranus and the Tiger is a solitary predator which has a Plutonic sexual symbolism. Any individuals with Virgo strong in their charts can over-think. In Charlie's case this is taken to new levels. His mind is a furore of activity. However, he does give the impression that he owns this power and magnetism and it is all under his control rather than the truth of having access to a power and insight which he has no real control of. He has admitted to being afraid of death, something he cannot control. He has certainly lived a hedonistic lifestyle (5th house).

There is an important Lunar Cycle of approximately 30 years. Charlie Sheen's horoscope shows us that the first New moon was in 1986 in 5th house (recreation, drama, love) in Libra (partnerships, beauty). This perfectly coincides with his big break in the film 'Platoon'. It just so happens that Charlie is just entering his second new moon phase, this time in the first degree of Scorpio (transforming, beginnings and endings) in the 6th house (service, health). It would not be difficult to see that from now on he will be identified with this stage in his life over all the glamour and indulgences of his past. The last 4 years of things happening in the shadows such as his illness and the alleged briberies and extortion fit the final stages of a lunar cycle of reflection and withdrawal. In 2011, about the time of his initial diagnosis, Neptune (fantasy, invasion of boundaries) contacted his Ascendant (physical body, his perception). This ties in with what has been referred to as Charlie Sheen’s 'Meltdown'. No doubt fuelled by substances (Neptune) he seemed to be losing touch with reality but this also reflects the invasion of his body by the virus.

The announcement in November coincided with Mercury (communication, information) to Neptune in 6th house (vulnerability, invasion, health). This year Charlie Sheen has three major planetary contacts. There is a Chiron return which emphasises that he is not alone in the world, he has friends but he also has responsibility to others and does not function apart from society and everyone else. There is a Uranus (change) Venus (pleasure, relationships) 

Charlie Sheen Horoscope

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