Damian Lewis Horoscope

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Damian Lewis Horoscope

Damian Lewis was born on February 11th, 1971 in St John’s Wood, London - no known time of birth, making him a Sun Aquarius. He is both an actor and a producer with a multi-faceted talent that has seen him playing prime roles on stage as a Shakespearean actor and on TV, having done a number of series both here and in the US. He is also an accomplished maestro of the silver screen and adept at talking with both an American and British accent, even slipping from one to the other seamlessly as in the 2003 film Dreamcatcher. Indeed, his work has proved very popular overall, earning him a number of awards. 

Henry VIII in Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall

More recently he played Henry VIII in the acclaimed adaptation of Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall, and says that it was his elite upbringing that enabled him to make such a good job of it. However, regarding his next potential coup, he is a prime contender for the new James Bond, where he may well be following on in the footsteps of Daniel Craig.

What in Damian Lewis’s horoscope contributes to him being such a flexible all-rounder? The attraction for taking on far-reaching roles can be linked to having Mars, Jupiter and Neptune in the expansive sign of Sagittarius. He loves to travel, explore other cultures and immerse himself in new experiences. However, he also has big aspirations as having Jupiter and Neptune in close proximity can reveal. Many people have this combination and yet don’t realize their dreams, so why is he different? This buoyant blend of energies needs a contrasting influence to keep it anchored and focused - and in Lewis’s chart this is provided by his Virgo Moon angling towards both planets, encouraging attention to detail. To give even more ballast to his chart, the Virgo Moon links with Venus in Capricorn, which may be a contributing factor to his being spotted by those in the echelons of the industry; Steven Spielberg being one such person.

Pleasantly unconventional

He also has a pleasantly unconventional side, not only because of being a Sun Aquarius, but also because he has Mercury in the same sign and because Mars makes a harmonious aspect to Uranus. Bearing this in mind he enjoys the constant stimulation of being involved in a variety of roles, moving from place to place and of meeting people from all walks of life. Yet, with Saturn his co-ruler in steady Taurus, he also has the ability to stay the course and stick to his commitments and responsibilities. Saturn’s position also hints that he can be astute at handling money and at making the most of his abilities.

The New James Bond

With filming starting for the New James Bond movie any time now, there are two main contenders for the role, these being Idris Elba and Damian Lewis himself. Looking at Lewis’s forecast for the year ahead, there are signs that he could land a plum role. However, a glance at his progressed chart with the progressed Sun in Aries linking to Jupiter in Sagittarius, there’s a suggestion he may well be the chosen one, as this action-orientated blend of influences might reveal. There’s even a suggestion that it could be a long-running role!

Damian Lewis Horoscope

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