François Hollande - Horoscope

Published: Friday, 24 January 2014 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

The recent visit of François Hollande with Pope Francis, must have been an uncomfortable occasion, with le Presidente’s romantic adventures recently laid bare, to the international community. While his efforts on behalf of his country may have failed to garner public favour, his romantic agenda has garnered attention, inspired mirth, and caused eyebrows to dance all over the world. The image of him haloed in his motor-cycle helmet, jauntily riding on the back of a moped to visit Julie Gayet, has made fabulous cartoon fodder. Will he ever live this down?

Yet, Monsieur Hollande, is a true romantic at heart. His birth chart has the Sun, Mercury and Pluto in Leo, along with Venus and Neptune in Libra. He enjoys attention, has a natural love of the spotlight and might even secretly enjoy the drama that comes with all these revelations. As his Sun conjuncts Pluto and sextiles Neptune, we can be sure that he is rather intense and passionate about life and the women he chooses to woo. He has Mars in Sagittarius too, so he’s likely looking for a love adventure, and is something of a natural athlete.

In Valerie Trierweiler’s case, her natal Sun and Mercury in Aquarius, oppose his natal Sun and Pluto, which can make for a strong relationship, yet one that might be plagued with continuous upsets, reinventions and potentially ruthless endings. Both Valerie and le Presidente have Venus in the element of Air, which suggests that they adore each other in principle - but in reality, continuous power struggles and exhausting scenes are not the basis for everlasting love. 

Julie Gayet has her Sun, Mercury and Saturn conjunct in Gemini, with all three planets trining Uranus in Libra. Relationships for her may have a sparkling effervescent quality, yet there’s a hint here that she might prefer the older and wiser “homme” over someone younger and less experienced. Her natal Mars in Cancer conjuncts le Presidente's Jupiter, suggesting that where their alleged relationship is concerned, they may get along swimmingly and can have plenty of fun together. Plus, they share a love of good food - both cooking it and eating it. There is potentially more glue in this connection than the former. Yet here too, time will tell.

Monsieur Hollande might need to make a big decision over 2014, as transiting Pluto conjuncts his North Node three times. Could it concern who is to be first lady or whether to remain a committed bachelor? Yet, with natal Saturn in Scorpio, and of course his second Saturn return, love is unlikely to be a laughing matter for him, but a deeply sensitive subject. He may have girlfriends, but will he ever willingly hand over his heart to someone else for safe-keeping. Perhaps non!

François Hollande - Horoscope

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