George Michael's Horoscope

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George Michael’s latest album, “Symphonica”, has topped the charts at number one, which is excellent news for him considering this is his first new offering in ten years. He’s been through a few scrapes in the last decade, having fallen out of his car on a motorway in 2013 - and surviving, recovering from an almost fatal bout of pneumonia in 2011, and undergoing  an eight-week prison sentence for driving under the influence of drugs in 2010. Is this a new comeback? Right now, it seems things couldn’t be better!

George Michael's Horoscope

George Michael is a Cancerian, with his Sun in the twelfth house of the chart, which makes him very sensitive, almost psychic and very open to people, places and atmospheres. His natal Sun connects with Uranus in Virgo, suggesting he dislikes being boxed-in and prefers to be a free soul, forging his destiny in his own unique way. Cancerians are often very devoted to their mothers, and George was no exception. He made a point of not coming out as gay until after she passed away as he wanted to protect her. He was also good friends with Princess Diana of Wales, a fellow Cancerian, who sought out his company when her marriage to Charles flat lined.

A rich imagination

With a Cancer Ascendant, he can be extremely personable, warm, nurturing and caring. Yet at times, this could change, much like the various phases of the Moon as it waxes and wanes. Meanwhile, his Midheaven in Pisces, hints at a creative purpose in life with a rich imagination that weaves through his songs and albums.

His Leo Moon opposes natal Saturn in Aquarius, and highlights a theme in his chart in which he swings between being very measured and self-contained, or very free flowing and energetic. Along with this, a conjunction between Mercury and Venus in Gemini, challenges a Mars Pluto tie-up in Virgo, revealing another side to his exuberant and varied nature. He can be light, effervescent, highly sociable and extremely communicative. Then again, he may become very private, deeply secretive and passionately intense. The contrast may be very marked at times, perhaps making it seem as though he has two distinct personalities.

Mars’s connection to Pluto is particularly strong, and can coincide with a desire to explore various cultural taboos. It also lends him supreme determination, as whatever he sets his mind on, he will likely achieve. There can be a tendency towards self-sabotage with this blend of energies though, perhaps showing up in part as a habit of smoking up to twenty five cannabis joints a day. Now he has stopped completely, and says he feels better as a result.

Key transits over 2014, reveal that Saturn squares his Moon Saturn opposition, making this a time of reckoning. This transit can be likened to a new turn of the spiral, as he tests his musical metal after all these years, while a Uranus Jupiter connection, suggests this could be a positive time for him, when he not only succeeds in making a comeback, but does so with total aplomb.

George Michael's Horoscope

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