Gwyneth Paltrow’s tarot card reading

Published: Thursday, 30 January 2014 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s tarot cards proved to be a lively bunch, with not one but two, cards jumping from the pack, and what a contrast they were from the three cards I originally picked for the star of Seven and Emma - but more of that later. All the cards in her spread were upright.

The card I picked for representing Gwyneth’s past was the Ten of Swords. This is the card everyone loves to hate, as it suggests a time of sadness when we feel nothing goes to plan. Fortunately, because of its position in the spread and the fact it is a card with the face value of ten, it seems that the bad times are either finished or almost over, and that Gwyneth can move forward. This is a card which appears when someone has come face to face with a truth they may not like, or when they are indulging in self-pity.

Do you remember I mentioned the cards that jumped from the pack? These are cards which fall from the pack and add extra insights into a reading. In this case, they fell as I was picking the Ten of Swords. The cards which fell were; The World and the Nine of Cups, what does that tell us?

Well, The World suggests that Gwyneth has accepted the lessons of the Ten of Swords, and come to terms with herself - now she can move forward. The Nine of Cups implies that Gwyneth is entering a particularly successful time, when she can enjoy the rewards which she has earned. Although she needs to be a little cautious, as a spiteful someone could be envious of her success and set out to cause trouble.

The card that represents her near future is the Six of Wands. Like the Nine of Cups, the Six of Wands points to a time of great success for Gwyneth, particularly in relation to her career. This is an opportunity for her to show how gracious she can be. Yes, her career is hitting the heavens, but she still needs to keep a sense of humility, particularly as someone close to her is likely to feel a little left out.

The last card I picked showed Gwyneth’s more distant future (about a year or so), and this was the King of Pentacles. It indicates that she will be able to maintain the progress she has already made, and that her abilities will not only win her critical acclaim, but also commercial success. Equally, don’t be surprised if she tries her hand at a new business scheme of some kind.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s tarot card reading

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