J. K. Rowling Horoscope

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J. K. Rowling Horoscope

J.K. Rowling's Horoscope has a Leo Sun, Virgo Moon and, if an early morning birth time is correct, Gemini is 'rising'. Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by Mercury (the planet of communication). This planet and the two signs it rules are often prominent in the 'charts' of writers.

Born in the 1960's

Jo Rowling was born in the mid-1960's, a time of social and cultural revolution and change which was reflected by the major conjunction of Uranus (awakening) and Pluto (transformation) at that time. In her horoscope these two heavyweights are within 2 degrees of each other and she has her self-critical, imaginative and shy Virgo Moon sandwiched between them. This is a powerful combination. Unconsciously, she is being overwhelmed by collective forces and the Virgo is frantically trying to make sense of things and find a safe place amongst the chaos. Virgo is also a sign of practicality, service and work. Therefore, her safe place has to involve being useful, incorporating a skill and talent and putting some real structure to these unseen forces.

Depression, break-up and Harry Potter

A couple of her quotes seem to personify this state of her self-awareness. "I'm not an expert, but I can create a good monster"; "Those who choose not to empathise (Moon) enable real monsters (Pluto)". She has been very open about the depression she suffered following the break-up of her first marriage. Between the years 1990 and 1994, her Mother dies, she got married, moved to Portugal, had a daughter, separated, moved back to the UK, was a jobless, poor single parent and became severely depressed. Throughout this time Harry Potter was slowly coming to life in her mind and on paper. She has since indicated how certain characters in the books are expressions of different and sometimes vulnerable parts (Virgo) of herself. They come from her soul (Moon).

Harry Potter series

Whether it is the arts or sciences, mental creativity and inspiration often has to come from a deep and vulnerable place. It is not surprising, that during this time, there were major contacts to this Uranus/Moon/Pluto conjunction, especially from Saturn (structure, hard-work, obstacles, life lessons). The process of the Harry Potter series of seven books coincides perfectly with 'Rowling's' long Lunar cycle. She started a 'New' (seeds and concepts) cycle (in Virgo) in 1992, the 'Crescent' (first signs of structure) phase started in 1991. The 'First Quarter' (active, producing results) phase started in 1999. Her first book 'The Philosophers Stone' was eventually published, after difficulties in 1997, and by 1999 she was in full flow and beginning to reap the rewards of her efforts. The 'Full Moon' phase corresponds to a time when something has reached its maximum potential and it is time to harvest and make some sort of change.

'New' phase starts in 2021

She entered the Full Moon phase in 2007 corresponding with the publication of the seventh and last book (The Deathly Hallows) in the series. Rowling is now approaching the last 'Balsamic' phase which is traditionally a period of retreat before another 'New' phase starts for her in 2021. Coincidentally, the New phase will have shifted signs into 'Libra'. Libra is ruled by Venus and there is quite a lot of activity with this planet at the moment, but it is likely to be going on behind the scenes. Venus and Libra are concerned with pleasure, beauty, valuing, harmony, balance and co-operation. Rowling's success and work has needed co-operation and approval from others, but primarily it has all been her work. Perhaps, this new phase suggests that she will be combining forces with others or even with an establishment.

Her stars also indicate that she could create an establishment of her own. The world of imagination and fantasy might give way to something more fundamental, factual and directed towards personal development and self-worth. Another of her personal quotes, which could be relevant, is "Self worth really comes from finding out what you do best".

J. K. Rowling Horoscope

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