Justin Beiber - Horoscope

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Justin Beiber - Horoscope

Justin Beiber, the 'Pop artist', has sold over 100 million records and has been listed by 'Forbes' magazine, (four times) amongst the ten most powerful celebrities. He has recently closed his public 'Instagram' account because of 'hate' messages directed towards his new girlfriend, Sophia Richie. His decision has come amidst a very public 'spat' with former girlfriend Selina Gomez in which she has accused him of letting down his fans and 'riding' on her fame. Selina has since apologised for some of her comments.

'Beiber' has his Sun (identity) in Pisces (artist, magician) close to Saturn (structure, work, ambition). The 11th house (groups, friends) Moon (public, security) is in Libra (the artist, beauty). The position of the Moon reflects a security based upon groups and beauty. The Moon is in close aspect to both Uranus and Neptune giving a slightly unreal and unpredictable base to his emotional security. This may be perfect for a life in the 'Hollywood' limelight but can be fragile and vulnerable.

The Sun is close to the very bottom of the chart (IC) and near to Saturn, showing a need for very strong foundations and family roots. The most striking aspect of his birth chart is Pluto (power, control, transformation) rising in Scorpio (will, power, intensity). The North Node of the Moon (new direction) is also conjunct both Pluto and the 'Ascendant'. This is a powerful combination showing a very strong will and drive to succeed.

Beauty, money, physical pleasures and materialism

The Nodes of the Moon can point to past lives or early life experiences. The South Node in Taurus points to a past where there is an attachment to beauty, money, physical pleasures and materialism. The position of Pluto suggests that because of some affliction these desires could not be met. Pluto 'rising', points to a life where there is a potential for both destruction and transformation. There are times in his life when he comes close to the edge before being able to 'let go'. Justin Beiber seems to have already gone through a major transition phase in his life. During 2013/14 he seemed to be 'going off the rails' somewhat. Amongst other offenses, he was arrested for assault and careless driving under the influence and spent a night in jail. In court, in his own words, he said he was at a moment of change.

Close to letting fame destroy me

In more recent interviews he has said "I was close to letting fame destroy me". During this phase the progressed Sun was in aspect to Pluto, the North Node, and the Ascendant (all at the end of Scorpio). The progressed Sun itself was about to enter the first degree of Aries in 2013. For any individual the movement of the progressed Sun into a new sign (once every 30 years) marks a period of change. At the same time Saturn was moving over his Ascendant. Saturn transiting the 12th reflects his incarceration and a difficult time of adjustment before taking better responsibility for himself, his body and his life.

Drama with Instagram

Currently, he is having a very important series of transits from Neptune to his Sun which are effective throughout 2016 and could be at their peak around September and October. Neptune contacting the Sun can be a time of inspiration and creativity, but it can also mark a time when you can become completely immersed in something or someone. One of the keywords for Neptune is sacrifice. If there are any delusional ideas or fantasies then Neptune seeks to dissolve, refine and purify. The latest drama involving 'Instagram' may be a part of this picture. He may have to sacrifice a degree of availability to his adoring 'beliebers' in order to maintain any personal relationship and his own sanity. He has pleaded with these fans but to no avail. Neptune contacting the Sun will make transparent any naivety and idealism.

Justin Beiber - Horoscope

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