Liz Hurley’s tarot card reading

Published: Saturday, 8 February 2014 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

This reading for Liz Hurley, covers the following twelve months. All the cards I picked were upright, two belonged to the suit of pentacles; these were the two and the eight. The fact that the majority of cards are from the same suit, suggests that Liz has a particular aspect of her life that is at the forefront of her mind. Pentacles are associated with the material aspects of life such as money, business or property, although they can also suggest moral values too. This suggests these areas are important to her now, or will be soon.

The first card I picked was the Two of Pentacles, and this represents events which have occurred in the near past. This card is often illustrated with a juggler, and there is good reason for this, as the Two of Pentacles often means someone has been offered a variety of options. This could have caused Liz to spread herself too thinly, and could have adversely affected her sleep or left her feeling stressed. It also seems likely that some changes have been played out in Liz Hurley’s life. Whether these changes caused her angst or were beneficial, depended on Liz’s attitude, as either can apply. To make the most of her situation she needs to accept that she has changed course, and trim her sails appropriately.

The next card tells us about Liz’s present situation, this is the Five of Swords, and like most swords, it is a ‘difficult’ card. The card suggests that Liz will find herself limited in some way, either by a situation or her own abilities. Nevertheless, whilst she cannot change the situation, she can work within its limitations to achieve a reasonable result. Attitude is the key here: Liz needs to decide if her glass is half full or half empty. There is also a warning that she needs to make sure she is not putting her own interests above everybody else’s. It is fine for her to insist on her rights, but she must not forget other people have rights too.

The final card, the Eight of Pentacles, represents Liz’s future. This card suggests she needs to concentrate all her energy on completing one important task. In this case, surrounding her job or a business venture. The more effort she is willing to put in, the better the results are likely to be. She could also benefit from learning a new skill or improving her existing knowledge.

The reading suggests that, although Liz has opportunities available to her, she may have found the way they developed stressful and difficult. Perhaps a prospective scheme has not quite worked out in the manner she had hoped. She needs to keep a positive outlook and not let disappointment make her lackadaisical, because if she is willing to be positive and put in some effort, she can still get the results she craves.

Liz Hurley’s tarot card reading

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