L’Wren Scott's Horoscope

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The death of Mick Jagger’s partner of 13 years, L’Wren Scott, has been a source of immense distress to Jagger, his family and friends. The means of her death was particularly heart-rending as she committed suicide, hanging herself in her apartment.  As a result, a grief stricken Jagger, along with the rest of the band members, have cancelled their Australia tour. He is now with family in Los Angeles sorting out her funeral arrangements.

L’Wren Scott was born Laura Bamborough, and lived with her adoptive Mormon parents in Roy, Utah. Her mother and father also adopted two other children, making for an interesting and somewhat unique family situation.

L’Wren’s horoscope

 A look at L’Wren’s horoscope chart, reveals that she is a Taurus with her Sun, Mercury and Jupiter all conjunct in the same sign. This very fertile and growth orientated blend of energies, hints at a love of beauty and the good things in life. All three planets trine a Uranus Pluto conjunction in Virgo, which might account for her fabulous sense of style. This, along with her natural good looks and very tall, slender frame, ensured that she learned about the fashion industry from all angles - both as a model and as a much sought after designer to the Hollywood and fashion elite. Plus, her natal stellium in Taurus sextiled Saturn in Pisces, enabling her to bring her dreams to life with rich textures and fabulous lines.

It seems that her creative side may have been a life line, helping her deal with other more complex aspects of her being. Her chart reveals that both Uranus and Pluto oppose her natal Saturn, forming a T-Square with the Moon at the apex. Having no time of birth for her, her Moon could either be in the last degrees of Scorpio or the early degrees of Sagittarius. However, this blend of energies suggests that her moods could be volatile, and that she may have suffered from depression at times.

A look at the inter-aspects between hers and Mick’s chart, reveals their relationship was quite intense. His Venus in Virgo conjuncted her Uranus Pluto conjunction, while his Mars in Taurus trined it. Meanwhile, his Pluto squared her natal Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Taurus, so it seems they were very intertwined with each other, making this a particularly heart-wrenching time for him.

Over 2013 and into 2014, transiting Neptune had conjuncted her natal Saturn, with this transit’s last hit affecting her well into February 2014. Then, transiting Saturn moved to conjunct her natal Neptune, from November 27th lasting until August 2014. Saturn Neptune transits can be very dispiriting, causing feelings of helplessness and powerlessness, as the structures we have built up in our lives seem to crumble away. 

There is speculation that insurmountable debts, with plans to close her business, contributed to her decision to bring her life to an end. Whatever the deeper reason, the potentially debilitating side of these transits would certainly not have helped.

L’Wren Scott's Horoscope

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