Malala Yousafzai's 2016 Horoscope

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Malala Yousafzai's 2016 Horoscope

'The Wound' is a recurring theme in the Stars and Planets of Malala's Astrology. Her Rising Star, symbolising what she brought with her into this life, is 'ALHENA'. This is the wounded heel in the constellation of Gemini. It shows a life dedicated to a cause, proudly marching on despite difficulties. Her Setting Star, showing a new direction in this life, is 'RAS-ALHAGUE', the major star in the constellation 'Orphiucus', (The Healer, Teacher, Wise one). This represents an individual who carries their own wound and is driven to dedicate their life to help others through actions or ideals.

In Western astrology the planetoid 'Chiron' also represents the wounded one. Chiron in Malala's chart is very strong, linking with the Sun (identity) and Saturn (authority, responsibility, discipline). Both the Sun and Saturn can also be representative of the Father, especially in the chart of a woman. It appears that her father, a teacher, has been a massive influence and guiding light in Malala's life. He did name her after a woman who spoke out and was killed as a result. Malala was shot in October 2012, travelling home on a bus from school, by the Taliban, because of her outspoken criticism of restrictions imposed on female education. There was an exact 'Solar Arc' aspect from Her Moon to Chiron. Solar Arcs are once in a lifetime aspects. Malala's Chiron is in Libra (culture, justice, feminine, beauty) and in the 3rd House (education, communication). Malala's own 2nd House Moon in Libra is fired up by being close to Mars. It shows her soul’s determination to stand up for herself and her values. As it happens, the very day she got shot, her own mother (Moon) was due to start to learn to read and write.

Malala's chart also bears some striking connections to the horoscope of Pakistan. Both Venus and Mercury are in the same positions within a couple of degrees. The two Chiron's are within 8 degrees but notably hers is in Libra (imbalance) and Pakistan's Chiron is in Scorpio (power and control). Her Sun is one degree from the Pakistan Moon. Her destiny and identity is intertwined with that of her country. Her identity and wound (Sun/Chiron) goes to the very roots of Pakistan culture (Moon/Chiron).

2014 Nobel Peace Prize

The progressed Sun in a chart moves very slowly and highlights a soul’s pathway through life. Her soul’s pathway seems to have its destination at her Chiron. Perhaps her life will be a testament to what she can achieve in justice and education, particularly in her own country. The progressed Sun moved to the point of Mercury (knowledge, communication) when she got the Nobel Peace prize in 2014. She has already written two autobiographies and she will probably write much more or be directly involved in legislation and laws.

There are some challenging transits coming up in the next few years, notably from Uranus and Pluto to the Sun and Saturn. She is someone who is immensely self-disciplined and takes on a great deal of responsibility but comes up against authority, tradition and dogma. She might continue to launch powerful lobbying groups which have mass support. She has a will and bravery to fight a cause and what she perceives as basic rights and justice. The Astrology may show that she has a big battle ahead and perhaps the symbolism of the father and her father play an important role in the next few years.

Malala Yousafzai's 2016 Horoscope

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