Max Clifford's Personal Horoscope

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His Sun in Aries is conjuncted by Mercury, making him a fast talker and perhaps a bit of a schemer. He may seek to be one step ahead of everyone else, and seems to enjoy the cut and thrust involved with being a publicist to the stars.

Max Clifford, publicist to the stars

However, Simon Cowell is said to have ceased being his client since news of his conviction - and it’s likely many others will follow. As there is no time of birth for him, the Ascendant, Moon position, and other key points are uncertain. However, it’s possible to glean enough information to dig a little deeper into Max Clifford's horoscope and look at his personality.

Both his Sun and Mercury square Jupiter, lending him the air of gentlemanly bonhomie - yet, it seems that there may be darker motives lurking beneath his calm, and apparently benign, exterior. This blend of energies can indicate a love of excess and a difficulty in knowing when enough is enough. It can also describe someone who has good intentions, but finds it almost impossible to live up to them.

His Moon may be at the end of Aries or in the early degrees of Taurus, depending on what time he was born. However, it does square Pluto, whether to a lesser or greater degree, which suggests there may be a lot more to him than meets the eye. He prefers to play with his cards close to his chest, and as has been noted, he is not averse to using the "dark arts" in order to get what he wants. He certainly seems to have mastered the knack of manipulating others’ feelings and could be potentially callous in this respect. Having been convicted on eight counts of indecent assault with a prison sentence to follow, it seems it's game, set and match for him. Yet, true to form, he showed no sign of emotion as he stood in the dock alongside his daughter Louise.

Clifford, also has Mars in Aquarius square Venus in Taurus, which hints at a conflict between harmonious interactions with others and desire. He might find it relatively easy to detach from any form of sensual gratification, so that he can indulge and not feel guilty.

He also has wide Saturn Uranus conjunction in Gemini, which ties in with his career in the media, spotlighting the way in which shocking news and personal revelations that can disrupt people’s lives, can be organized into a smooth running business that sells scandalous stories. This Saturn Uranus link ties up with his natal Pluto in Leo, perhaps making him king of the PR jungle.

A look at the coming twelve months or so, reveals that although sentenced to prison, with his life taking a new and unexpected turn, and his self esteem a battering, he could find ways to survive this experience and even to thrive. Transiting Saturn, the great leveler, squares his natal Mars in Aquarius over this year, while also opposing his natal Venus in Taurus, suggesting restraint and a need to rein in desires and atone for his sins. However, transiting Uranus conjuncts his Sun Mercury link, hints that despite everything, he may look for ways to personally benefit from this experience.

Max Clifford's Personal Horoscope

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