Muhammad Ali Horoscope

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Muhammad Ali Horoscope

Muhammad Ali died on June 3rd 2016, and on Thursday 9th June there is an open Muslim service for his fans in his birth town of Louisville, Kentucky, USA. His name and his face are probably the most recognisable in the world and his life and career has coincided with the global impact of TV. He was a man who seemed to be identified with, but also transcended the boundaries of, sport, disability, beliefs, culture and race.

Rising and Setting Stars

Besides his planetary picture, Ali's 'Rising' and 'Setting' stars provide an informative overview of his life and 'soul mission'. His 'Rising Star', (what he brings with him into this life), is 'ACUMEN'. This star is one of the stings of the scorpion and denotes "Suffering at the hands of others; subject to rumours". This clearly shows a man who came into this life to fight and expecting confrontation physically or otherwise. His 'Setting Star', (a new path and direction to follow), is 'CAPELLA'. This Star is in the constellation of 'Auriga', 'The Charioteer'. Its essence is that of the horse and denotes, "Believing in and seeking, freedom and fairness".

Born at a time of Conflict, 1942

Ali (birth name Cassius Clay) was born in 1942 at a time of global conflict and a planetary conjunction of Pluto (collective) and Chiron (a wound). The symbolism of the 'scapegoat' is synonymous with 'Chiron' and this particular combination seems to coincide with periods where a group or individual becomes the 'scapegoat' and is either the persecuted or the persecutor - as at the time of his birth in 1942 with 'The Holocaust'. Muhammad Ali's horoscope shows a personal and ancestral connection to this theme. Pluto and Chiron are in the 12th house (loss of identity, ancestral heritage) and oppose Ali's 6th house (health, work, service) Sun (identity) and Moon (family, soul). This seems to be a 'key' element in his chart which is activated at major times in his life on a personal level reflecting 'collective issues'. There have been a couple more major contacts between Pluto and Chiron during 'Ali's life. There were a series of transits in the early 1960's which coincide with the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War. On a personal note the transits span the time when Ali won Olympic Gold, the Heavyweight crown of the world, refused draft into military service, had his titles and passport taken away, revoked his ancestral slavery past by changing his name and converted to Islam. The last conjunction between Pluto and Chiron occurred in 1999, coinciding with NATO bombings and the Kosovo War where the local Muslims had become the collective persecuted. Also in the UK in 1999, a lone bomber, (David Copeland, neo-Nazi activist) targeted the Black and Gay communities in a thirteen day period in London. In 1999 Ali was awarded the title of Sports personality of the century.

Ali's major life events

A brief look back at some of Ali's major life events in relation to planetary alignments is interesting. 

When just twelve years old he had his bike stolen and initially wanting to seek vengeance on the perpetrators he started to learn how to box under the mentorship of a local police officer. At this time transiting Chiron (wound, persecution) had met his Sun. He may have wanted to wound the thieves of his bike, but sub-consciously was opening far larger wounds within himself. In 1960 he won Olympic Gold and soon after his return to the USA, was refused service at an establishment because of his colour. Progressed Mars (the hero, fighter, aggression) was conjunct his MC (status, career, public portrayal). 'Solar Arc' Mars was conjunct Saturn reflecting his hard work and achievement but also aggression and restriction coming from society’s structures. In 1964 he became heavyweight champion of the World and immediately after defeating 'Sonny Liston' he declared that he had been reborn into Islam and had changed his name to Muhammad Ali. 'Solar Arc' Sun (ego, identity) had moved exactly opposite his Ascendant (physical image, birth moment). Transiting Chiron had moved to the South Node (healing an old wound). In 1967 he refused to be drafted into the military and had his titles taken away and was banned from boxing for three years. 'Solar Arc' was now in a 'hard' aspect to Saturn (control, restriction, authority). In 1970 he was allowed to go back into boxing and reclaimed his heavyweight title just as he entered a completely new 29 year lunar phase.

His life of conflict and a quest for identity and freedom has made him a global icon. Somehow with the greatest dignity and humility he can say 'I am the greatest'.

Muhammad Ali Horoscope

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