Nigella Lawson – Horoscope

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Far from losing her following with the general public, Nigella Lawson’s recent stormy relationship and subsequent divorce from Charles Saatchi, seems to have brought her even more support and kudos from her international TV audience. Now appearing in “The Taste” both in the UK and the USA, and with many of her books about to be republished, could this be a new start for her? Even her recent admission that she took drugs at extremely stressful times during her life, doesn’t seem to have dented her reputation.

Nigella Lawson's Horoscope

A look at Nigella Lawson's birth chart highlights some of the reasons why Nigella is still high on the list when it comes to TV chefs. For starters, she has the Sun, Saturn and Mercury in Capricorn, so she has a powerful ambitious streak. With Saturn happily placed in its own sign, her ability to endure through times of difficulty and stress, has enabled her to withstand some very painful and challenging periods in her life. However vulnerable she may appear, Nigella has grit and inner strength. Having emerged from troublesome times, it seems she may be reborn and about to tempt the world with even more of her zestful dishes.

Bubbly and charismatic TV Chef

So, what gives Nigella her bouncy, bubbly and charismatic side? She has Venus, Jupiter and Mars in Sagittarius, along with a Moon in Aries. This focus on the element of fire highlights a love of travel, adventure and the willingness to take a risk. Combined with the ambitious businesswoman, there’s a side to her that’s decidedly bohemian and free-thinking, with hints of flower child and the swinging sixties. Mars aligns positively with Uranus, so she needs plenty of personal space: at least one of the reasons why she found her most recent relationship so taxing, as Charles Saatchi had a reputation for preferring to stay in control.  

A shift in her circumstances

What happened last year that caused this shift in her circumstances? At the time of the photo outside Scott’s restaurant, Mayfair, London, Pluto conjuncted her natal Saturn in Capricorn, suggesting that a transformation was about to occur. Over 2013, and partly into 2014, Uranus challenged and continues to conflict with natal Saturn, so the structures in her life looked set to disintegrate. Neptune opposes her natal Pluto too, which hints that any sacrifices she has made may turn into notable gains further down the line. Constant adjustment may be a feature of Nigella’s life over the next couple of years, but the chance to forge ahead as a free agent, may be just the recipe for success she’s been hoping for.

Nigella Lawson – Horoscope

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