Piers Morgan's Horoscope

Published: Thursday, 26 January 2017 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

Controversy has to be Piers Morgan’s middle name. Wherever he goes and whatever he gets involved in, he goes straight for the jugular. If those about him aren’t bristling with discomfort, then he soon makes sure they are. In some circles, he has even been nicknamed ‘Marmite’.

Once married to Marion Shalloe, with whom he has three sons, Spencer, Stanley and Albert, they divorced in 2008. Currently, he is married to Telegraph gossip columnist, Celia Walden, and they have a daughter, Elise.

He began his career in journalism - where his provocative and no-nonsense approach to those he interviewed and wrote about, got him noticed. Currently, his show on CNN is being axed due to a drop in ratings, which has been attributed to his views on gun control. Along with this, phone-hacking allegations dating back to his editorial days have also come to light.

Piers’ chart shows three main clusters of energy - one in Virgo, another in Pisces and one in Aries. His Sun Venus conjunction in Aries, coincides with an open and ingenious approach to life. Like the typical Aries, he seems to enjoy getting involved in battles, and whether he wins or loses, he will pick himself up and start all over again. Yet, at the same time, his Moon in Pisces, suggests he is also acutely sensitive around others and their feelings.        

Another major influence in his chart, is the conjunction of Uranus, Pluto and Mars in Virgo, all of which are retrograde. This cluster of planets opposes his Saturn and Moon in Pisces. With this combination of energies, he may need to consciously let go of stress, worry and hyped-up behavior that can exacerbate problems. Though these patterns become easier to control over time, he might always be prone to them as an Aries, especially if keen to get results.

It is this combination of energies that coincides with the forcible approach that drives his success. His Pluto/Mars/Uranus conjunction, is both his strong point and his undoing. This aspect represents a lot of what he has become infamous for. He can exhibit extremes of behavior which are off-putting at times.

A look at his upcoming transits, reveals that he seems to take most things in his stride over 2014, Pluto trine Uranus perhaps encouraging him to exceed his own expectations. During 2015, transiting Pluto trines Pluto, which may be his cue to reinvent himself! 2016, could be the most challenging of all, as transiting Saturn squares natal Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. He could meet with a number of formidable obstacles that might need a great deal of resilience to overcome.

Piers Morgan's Horoscope

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