Pope John Paul and Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka Horoscope

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Pope John Paul and Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka Horoscope

In the past week some letters written by Pope John Paul II (deceased 2005) to Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka have come to light after being hidden in the vaults of the National Library of Poland. Anna-Teresa, a Polish emigrant and academic, had sold hundreds of these letters to the library in 2008 but they were not for public viewing.

The Love Letters of Pope John Paul II

The letters from the Pontiff have been shown to the BBC, but those written to him by her, remain unseen. He does mention some of what she says in his own writings and it is clear that a deep affection and bond existed between them both. She says "I belong to you" and he refers to her as a "gift from God". Since the release of the letters’ content, there has been speculation on the exact nature of their relationship and discussion on the doctrine of celibacy. Whatever the true nature of their relationship, a study of the astrology does reveal some fascinating links between the horoscopes and corresponding timing of events which confirm a deep bond between two souls.

The two met in 1973 when she contacted him regarding a book she had written on Philosophy. In 1973 Uranus (sudden change, awakening) reached the exact point of his 12th House (hidden, ethereal, secret enemies) Mars (action, physicality, desires). This shows a sudden awakening on an intellectual (Uranus, Mars in Libra) and emotional (Mars) level. Venus in Anna-Teresa's chart is in Capricorn showing possible obstacles in displaying fluid emotions. This Venus is in a tight aspect to the Mars of the Pontiff. Again, this highlights potential obstacles and differences but also a bonding. The tight aspect also means that it was being activated by Uranus at the same time in 1973/4. One interpretation is that they were both 'struck by lightning or Cupids bow' (Uranus) at the same time. Their letters were kept secret and delivered by Nuns because any sort of relationship with a married woman would have been used against him by the secret police in occupied Poland (12th house, secret enemies, nuns). Mars and Venus are the two polarities of relationships. Mars is the active, assertive, desire factor and Venus is the responsive, harmonising, merging factor. Both of these principles have to be active personally and within a relationship in order to express desires and respond to others. The Pontiff's 12th house Mars is an indication of how his expression and desires expanded beyond personal and selfish needs. Coincidentally, his Sun is in Taurus which is the zodiac sign attributed to the 'Hierophant' (Shaman, High Priest, Pope) card in the Tarot deck. 

A study of individuals’ charts can reveal particularly sensitive points and Planets. This seems to be the case for the Pontiff’s Mars and Anna-Teresa's Venus. In 1981 there was an assassination attempt on his life. This coincided with transiting Pluto (life/death) exactly conjunct his Mars (aggression, fight, physical vitality). Most of us will experience one major transit from Pluto to Mars in our lives but it is usually a time of intense directed focus which can seem like a real fight for survival but not as literal as in this case. When his Mars is activated so is her Venus. Pluto was squaring her Venus at the same time. A situation completely beyond her control (square) to do with life and death (Pluto) and love (Venus).

It just so happens that this year 2016 is 42 years after they first met, Uranus has made half its 84 year cycle and is opposite to his Mars squaring her Venus. A horoscope survives an individual's life on Earth. The sudden revelations (Uranus) of this love (Mars and Venus) fit nicely with this transit. The exact aspects to Anna-Teresa's Venus occur 2016/17, so a possibility exists where her letters are made public. Anna-Teresa died quite recently in 2014 so another interpretation is a sudden renewal of their relationship in another realm maybe.

Pope John Paul and Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka Horoscope

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