Queen Elizabeth II Horoscope

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Queen Elizabeth II Horoscope

There is a system of 'directing' an Astrological birth chart which makes 90 years very significant. The 'progressed' Sun in a chart moves forward roughly one degree every year after birth, so in 90 years it has moved a quarter of the full 360 degree circle. During that time it would have made one major contact (in conjunction, opposing or squaring) to each planet and significant point in the birth chart. These contacts are called 'Solar Arcs' and tend to be event orientated. The whole process of the progressed Sun can reveal a general story of the life and soul development of an individual.

The Queen at 90

In the case of 'The Queen', her Sun is in Taurus (earth) and the 2nd house (physical resources). She has Capricorn (Earth) rising and its ruler Saturn (duty, discipline, control, responsibility) in its most natural position, sitting on the Scorpio M.C. (status, position). This is a chart epitomised by responsibility and authority. A most telling aspect of the chart are the Nodes of the Moon lying across the Ascendant/Descendant axis. It is as if she takes the load completely on herself and is reluctant to delegate anything at all to another. However, the movement in the chart is away from the physical, emotionally disciplined and controlled (Capricorn) towards the more receptive, nurturing and feeling orientated Cancer. Prince Charles’ Sun is in Scorpio sitting right under his Mother’s Saturn. This is a prime aspect of someone who feels restricted, controlled and even judged by another. It seems no coincidence that Prince William and his Son Prince George both have their Sun's in Cancer. It started with Lady Diana who was also a Cancer Sun. Kate Middleton is a Capricorn Sun but she has her Moon in Cancer. Perhaps finally the Queen can relax knowing that her heritage is secure within the family dynasty.

The progressive aspects made by the Sun during her life highlight this strong theme of developing family relationships. The very first aspect made was in 1938 to her Moon (emotions). She was just 13 when she first met Philip and it is said that she indeed fell in love. The next aspect was to Mars (desires, assertion, young male) in 1947 when she married Philip despite the reservations of her father, King George VI. In 1951 there was an opposition to Saturn (father, duty). She was being tutored for future responsibility and within a year her father died and she was to be Queen. The Queen refers to 1992 as 'Annus Horriblis' which more than suggests a very difficult period for her. In 1993 there was a challenging 'Solar Arc' aspect to Mercury (communication). During this time the marriages of both Andrew and Anne broke up, plus a best-selling book about Diana and her difficult relationships within the Royal family was published. Mercury would not normally be associated with relationships but it can be certain that much was done at this time which was against her expressed wishes. Pluto was also transiting over Saturn and the M.C. showing that in her eyes every foundation which she had built up and what she stood for, seemed to be crumbling.

2002, transformation, beginnings and endings

In 2002 the progressed Sun met Pluto (transformation, beginnings and endings). Within that year both her sister, Margaret and the Queen Mother died. The most recent aspects involving the Descendant (relationships, partnerships) and the North Node of the Moon (future, forward progress) coincide with the marriage of William and Kate. Now the Queen has reached 90 years old the process can begin again, but the next aspect to the Moon does not happen until 2032 and she will be 106 years old. She does seem to be in remarkably good health so she might not be ready to fully hand over the reins of power until then.

Queen Elizabeth II Horoscope

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