Usain Bolt Horoscope

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Usain Bolt Horoscope

'The Lightning Bolt' will be attempting to achieve something remarkable and unprecedented at the 'Rio' Olympic Games. He currently holds the 'double/double' of Gold medals won at both the 100 and 200 metres at the two previous Olympics held in Beijing 2008 and London 2012. He is reputed to be the richest track athlete in the world and also the most marketable athlete in the world. Success on the track may have achieved status, but his persona and charisma seems to have elevated him to near iconic levels. We might expect to see a strong Mars (energy, physical expression), Jupiter (success, expansion) and perhaps an elemental balance leaning more towards the Fire and Earth signs in the charts of successful sportspeople.

Strong Vitality, The Showman

It is significant that 'Usain Bolt' has a number of his personal planets in their signs of strength and 'rulership'. He has a Leo Sun (strong vitality, the showman), Venus in Libra (balance and grace), Mars in Capricorn (strength, endurance). The Capricorn Mars is at the mid-point of Jupiter (success) and Pluto (power, control). Jupiter and Pluto are also in their own signs (Pisces and Scorpio respectively). This could produce maximum efficiency of effort. He has been accused of being lazy, but the astrology suggests he puts in a lot of hard work and the end result may just look easy to the rest of us.

The 'Fixed Stars' contacting his planets have a theme of prowess, freedom and speed. 'ALPHERATZ' is a star in the navel of the mythical horse 'Pegasus' which symbolises speeding forward with no restrictions. 'CAPELLA', a star in the 'Charioteer' embodies the desire for freedom and has a sheer love of speed. Both these stars are contacting his Moon in Pisces which is close to Jupiter which expands and enhances this need for freedom and physical expression. This combination also fits with his love of dance, music and his laid back personality. It is as if he runs to be free.

Double Gold in 2008

In Astro-Cartography the Mars (energy) line can point to global locations where physical expression and competitive energy levels are enhanced and focussed. Amazingly, this Mars line (a single line circling the globe) in Bolt's map (using a midday time of birth), passes within 200 miles of Beijing, China (double Gold in 2008), within 10 miles of Berlin, Germany (2009 world record 100 metres, still held at 9.58 seconds) and within 10 miles of Rio De-Janeiro, Brazil.  In the days preceding the scheduled final of the 100 metres in Rio (14th August), transiting Mars (energy, drive) will be crossing over Bolt's Saturn. This could mean he is fighting against an obstacle or really driven in his self-discipline. By the time the finals come around the planetary activity is more flowing and free. Both Jupiter and Saturn are contacting his Moon and Jupiter conjunction. There is great personal meaning in what he is trying to achieve and the legacy it might leave.

Retiring from competitive athletics

The larger astrology picture seems to support Bolt's announcement that he will be retiring from competitive athletics after the World Championships in London 2017. There appears to be a shift towards a Venus (harmonising, balancing) flavour in the next few years. A major aspect from Uranus to his nodal axis could mean that he is just starting to meet with a new set of people or group which will have a great influence on him in the years to come.

Usain Bolt Horoscope

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