Vladimir Putin's Horoscope

Published: Thursday, 6 March 2014 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

The recent massing of armed forces on the Ukranian border and in Crimea, has given the international community much to worry about. Can a look at Putin’s chart give clues as to his motives?

In fact, his birth chart speaks volumes about his personality and mindset, giving insights that might be hard to glean under other circumstances. He has a group, or stellium, of planets in Libra and his twelfth house, including his Sun linked with Saturn, Neptune and Mercury. The twelfth house, is one of the more mysterious sectors of the chart, and for those with a twelfth house Sun, it’s possible their perspective of themselves can become distorted. It’s as though the usual rules and limits that most folk adopt to interface with the world, don’t apply. In some instances this can be a positive, sometimes a negative, and at other times, a mixed blend.

However, in Putin’s case, he’s very good at keeping his cards close to his chest, and not averse to majorly disguising the truth, so he can continue working in secret on his agenda. Along with this, natal Uranus squares Saturn, Mercury and Neptune, making him quite unpredictable - a man of surprises. Additionally, he has a Scorpio Ascendant and Pluto conjunct the Midheaven in Leo. While his Ascendant augments his need for total privacy, his Midheaven suggests he can be a power-monger. Yet, it’s more than that, he needs to prove himself in some way, which might account for pictures of him riding bare-chested on horseback or surrounded by polar-bears, whales, tigers and other impressive animals. Recently, in one of his publicity stunts, he dressed in a white jump suit and flew a motorized hang-glider to guide a rare species of crane to new nesting sites where they would be safe from hunters. He is apparently passionate about conservation.

Currently, the aspects in his chart seem to be heating up, reflecting the volatility of his present situation. Over 2014, transiting Uranus opposes his Sun in Libra, and will go on to oppose Saturn, Mercury and Neptune over 2015 and 2016 - all of which can have an explosive edge. At the same time, transiting Saturn is challenging his natal Pluto, which can enhance paranoia. Yet, from 2015, things get even more intense as Uranus opposes his natal Saturn. Saturn conjuncts his Moon and Pluto squares his Sun. The more isolated he feels, the more defensive he could become, which might encourage the unpredictable and unreasonable side of his nature to show up. As this spate of intense transits continues into 2015 and beyond, it’s possible this could be a long-running saga that may have no obvious immediate solution.

Vladimir Putin's Horoscope

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