Woody Allen's Horoscope

Published: Friday, 7 February 2014 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

It’s no surprise that Woody Allen is a lover of comedy - having his Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Sagittarius. Include a Moon in Aquarius, and you can see where he gets his quirky sense of fun. He’s also a brilliant screenwriter, actor, musician, author and playwright, with a career spanning over fifty years. Yet, things have not been so upbeat in the Allen household lately, since he was accused by Dylan Farrow of molesting her at age 7 - causing a media storm. However, Moses Farrow, also adopted by Allen and Farrow, has refuted the alleged claims, saying that Mia had encouraged a hate campaign against Allen poisoning the children against him.

As much as Allen’s chart has an upbeat and light-hearted side, it does have an intense quality too, which may account for his understanding of human nature in all its subtle nuances. Venus is at the apex of a T-square, involving Mars in opposition to Pluto. Relationships and their many ups and downs, qualities and problems, seem to play a big part in Allen’s film work. However, this rather passionate blend of energies has likely contributed to his marriage woes too. His relationship with Mia Farrow was certainly no picnic. Together for twelve years, a natural warmth and chemistry may have featured in their relationship at the outset. However, her natal Mars in Capricorn, is conjunct his almost to the minute, which means there’s a challenging Mars Pluto dynamic at work here - a potentially destructive energy that could easily cause havoc in a marriage.

Soon-Yi, the adopted daughter of Mia Farrow and former husband Andre Previn, became Allen’s lover and subsequent wife, adding even more vitriol to the situation. They are still together, despite a 35 year age gap. Soon-Yi is a Libra with Venus in Scorpio in opposition to Saturn in Taurus, suggesting she might have relationship issues of her own. Yet, a chart comparison hints that, contrary to what people might think, Allen seems to have been a positive force in her life.

Allen has had transiting Neptune conjunct natal Saturn ongoing since March 2013, suggesting that aspects of his world may have appeared to crumble, and more recently, his reputation too. It is notable that Dylan Farrow bought this out into the open last month, as he was lauded a Cecille B DeMille lifetime achievement award, which may give a clue as to her motive.  However, future transits reveal that Allen will need to take stock and stand firm in order to resist this tide of incrimination - and whatever else might follow.

Woody Allen's Horoscope

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