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Hello, thanks for joining me. There are so many people in this world who live very close to the edge, and whilst life may not seem perfect for many of us, it is often a massive step up from those, for whom even basic resources are not a right.

Take water. Without water we cannot survive. Can you imagine not having clean, safe water whenever you want it?

But the reality for people in rural Zambia is so different. Water comes from holes dug in the ground or from rivers. It is not fit to drink but there is no other choice. Often children are too sick to attend school and their parents cannot earn a living.

But there are simple and lasting solutions: I'd like to introduce you to a charity I want to support called They have been changing lives through access to safe water and improved sanitation in rural Zambia since 2004, supporting activities in more than 650 villages and 25 schools and reaching over 170,000 people.

Village Water believe in people helping themselves. They don't simply provide a new water point, because they know that this is not sustainable as there is no community contribution. Instead, their way is to go back to basics and help people understand why they need to make changes and how they will benefit in the long term.

Their small team (2.2 people) work from an office in Shrewsbury, where I live, raising funds to support all of their activities which give people hope for a better future.

Please help them in their efforts to change more lives, one village at a time. For more information kindly visit or you can make a donation here...

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