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Chinese Horoscopes 2014


Your key areas for 2014 are progress in career, study and finance, life transformation and opportunities of all kinds, while your challenges are sustaining effort, being unafraid to sacrifice, maintaining awareness and practicing flexibility. The Year of the Horse initiates on the 31st January. By February’s end, you’ll have renewed your positivity and become busy planning for the future. Optimum romance chances for the single occur between February and May. Once March has begun, there’ll be shifts and reorganisation within your working life. Take advantage of this. For some Rats there’ll be promotion, while for others, a complete change of work or business. It will all lead to achievement and a greater future, but there will be stress, and it would be best to stay conservative until the winter. Don’t lend, borrow or take investment chances. After the summer, you’ll need to work hard to maintain love relationships and friendships.


After the 31st January, it’s the Year of the Horse. Your key areas are love, romance, your finances, property and business deals, and your challenges are soothing personal tensions, remaining creative and safeguarding your financial status. Eat well, relax and exercise to stay on top form this year, or there could be annoying illnesses and a general lack of energy. This isn’t a year in which it’ll be easy to accelerate your career progress or accrue wealth, so turn your emphasis towards creative or spiritual growth. Find yourself interests that satisfy your need for self expression. In April and May, take care if you’re involved in sports or other risky adventures, as there are accident gremlins about. Summer will feature property matters and a move for some Oxen. The winter will be a golden time for cementing love bonds and promoting yourself as a viable option if you’re single.


The Year of the Horse begins on the 31st January. Your key areas will be personal satisfaction, advancement, recognition and family matters, while your challenges are saving money and utilising funds, maximising opportunities and understanding other people’s needs. The Horse energies flow smoothly with Tigers, so creating positive transformations will be relatively easy. This is an excellent year for getting nearer to realising your goals and raising your personal happiness level. Keep things real by refusing to neglect your spirituality or old friends. Many Tigers will receive a promotion, a new job or just generate extra income. By the time the summer ends, you’ll feel that nature and the world are swinging in harmony with your step. Summer and autumn are optimum times for the single Tiger to connect with a refreshing new love. Before the winter ends, there will be some heart warming news from within the family.


After January 31st, it’s the Year of the Horse. Your key areas will be allowing finances to grow and contacts to be of assistance, and utilising your ideas and imagination, while your challenges will be entering into the spirit of meetings and social occasions, being prepared to be flexible and enabling your abilities to evolve. This will be a year of new people. Some will gravitate towards you in your professional life, others in your social arena. Not every new face will stay, but many will prove to be helpful in more ways than one. Throughout the twelve months there’ll be gatherings, conferences and travel. The summer will feature an important turning point connected to a special friendship or evolving love bonds. By the autumn, single Hares will know that a certain newcomer could prove very interesting. The winter will be a time to build on the year’s successes and consolidate.


The Year of the Horse begins on January 31st. Your key areas are handling unexpected changes, staying positive, using your imagination, and helping others without being involved in their dilemmas. Your challenges are, remaining calm and acting thoughtfully and patiently rather than rushing and guessing. Some unexpected and unsought for changes will revolve around your work life, neighbourhood or emotional world. You’ll need to keep calm and handle things diplomatically. Don’t allow your imagination to rush ahead and imagine nightmare scenarios. The longer you wait before you react, the less of a problem there’ll be to deal with. Whoever’s winding you up during the summer, don’t get angry or shirty, spread the love and react positively. Worries that emerge around March, September and October will turn out to be quacking ducks rather than ravenous alligators. During the winter, connections with the arts, travel and nature based activities will be healing and revealing.


January 31st starts the Year of the Horse. Your key areas are new beginnings, fresh projects and accepting that progress can be slow but positive. Your challenges are controlling your emotions, refusing to rush and be impatient, and not allowing worry to dent your happiness. Once the spring begins, you’ll be inspired and energetic. New work, business and study are favoured, along with any attempts to spiritualize your life. Kick start your ambitions, stop dreaming and get doing. Around the summer, there’ll be fresh love for many single Snakes, and it could take a surprising form. Little worries, friendship and love tangles, could become worries if you allow them to. Why not think positively, relax and allow hassles to fade on their own. If you take radical action you could make them worse. By the winter, you’ll feel more successful and know that in many life areas you are winning.


The Year of the Horse starts on 31st January, so this is your year. The key areas are realising your plans, following your instincts and intuition and going out to achieve whatever makes you happy. Your challenges are staying healthy and avoiding seasonal bugs, and maintaining the relationships that are important to you. Whatever you’re striving for, this is the year to go forwards. It offers recognition for your efforts and your ideas, as well as the chance to gain some personal happiness and satisfaction. Some Horses will get promoted, find fresh employment, move home, get married, others will just move nearer to their goals. The summer is an excellent time area to do something really special, whether that involves travel or a spiritual journey. During the winter, turn your attention to your home and to the people that are really important to you. All year, release your creativity.


The Year of the Horse kicks off on January 31st. Your key areas are reconsolidating your life, overcoming obstacles and establishing emotional serenity. Your challenges are refusing to overreact to problems, maintaining your health through diet and exercise and realising how fortunate you are. You will have opportunities to relax, spend time with your loved ones and go on holiday. Your work or business life will feature steady progress. Stay diplomatic and think about your words carefully in all meetings. You’ll get your ideas accepted by perseverance and explanation rather than trying to force issues. The spring will feature some family misunderstanding, but it’ll fade by summer. There’ll also be time spent planning for children or older family members. Take special care of your health during the summer, avoiding anywhere where infections are prevalent. The autumn and winter will inspire you to cement relationships and rekindle your creativity and spirituality.


The Year of the Horse sets off at a gallop on the 31st January. Your key areas for this year are keeping your expectations moderate, working with others and understanding that other people do not see the world the same way as you do. Your challenges are staying aware of events, reacting to things as they arise and diminishing worry. This year, there’ll be worries from within the family. Try and band everyone together and work things out as a unit. This phase will be over by winter. The spring is a time for moderation, but there will be periods in which you can relax and pursue your own interests. Summer’s excellent for romance if you’re single, getting away from it all and tying up loose ends around the home. During autumn and winter avoid confrontation, especially in work and business. There will be tensions. Ameliorate them by compromising and communication.


The Year of the Horse is born on January 31st. Your key areas for the year are utilising diplomacy, not expecting vast progress and learning about who you really are. Your challenges will be staying positive, doing things one step at a time and enduring tense atmospheres at work or in business. The Horse Year is excellent for creative and spiritual pursuits, and the autumn in particular favours study, whether vocational or interest based. Many Roosters will be moving, renovating or decorating their homes. Let your imagination flow. Why not be different? Spring and summer will see the conclusion of a difficult period at work or in business or study. Welcome change as a gateway to opportunity. However, don’t believe everything you hear. Wait until you’ve all the facts before you make any important decisions. Whatever the problem, do compromise during the winter. Home based gatherings and celebrations are favoured.


The Year of the Horse initiates on January 31st. Your key areas are progress at work, in business or with your finances, travel, home changes and new social horizons. Your challenges are coping with family hassles, thinking things through thoroughly and organising efficiently. This is a progressive year for Dogs: a time to seek progress, business expansion, creativity or a new course of study. After the spring, revamp your finances. There will be chances to make extra money this year, especially during the summer. Some Dogs will be successfully working abroad or travelling. Others will find that a fascinating newcomer captivates them romantically. Autumn will bring family challenges, but greater contentment in other areas. Keep an eye on personal possessions and important documents. The winter is a time in which to progress and deepen love bonds and cement friendships. If you’re striving to grow spiritually, effort will bring results.


The Year of the Horse comes into being on January 31st. Your key areas are solving problems, maintaining harmony within the family and intimate relationships, and utilising financial resources wisely. Your challenges are discovering who you can trust, being prudent with money and investments, and keeping your moods stable. If you stay conservative and keep on your set path, this is an excellent year. Avoid financial speculation and don’t loan money out. Some Pigs will purchase a new vehicle. Spring and summer will include a useful boost to your finances. Work, business and family hassles arriving in the spring will turn out to have positive results by the end of the summer. Autumn is a time for reflection and spending quality periods with your special people. During autumn and winter, if you are in a love relationship, be attentive to your partner’s needs and make any plans joint ones.

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