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Chinese Horoscopes 2015


The Year of the Sheep is harmonious for Rats. You’ll have chances to recreate your family life in a more serene mode, and put love relationships back on their romantic and sharing track. However, remain tactful during March and April, or the opposite could occur. As the spring initiates you’ll feel uplifted and energetic. Optimise this phase by striving hard for progress in work or business. If your interests lie elsewhere, just get on with whatever you want to do. Autumn’s a time to connect with friends, organise get-togethers, and if you’re single, seek out a like minded partner. Some Sheep will be reconnecting with education in a bid to change their lives for the better. The Earth energies are with you so have courage. As the cold weather comes, many Sheep will be planning home renovations or even a change of location. Research well and you won’t regret your decision.

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Well, the Year of the Sheep works well with the steady and sensitive Ox. As the days lengthen, you’ll feel stronger and more prepared to put the past behind you. The future is bright, and right now it’s potentially full of whatever you want to pour into it. Plan your year, be energetic, and you’ll get where you want to go. Motherly Earth energies promise a pregnancy for some Oxen, and new insights into child rearing or relationships for others. Even the most staid among you will have some mad moments during the summer, with romance beckoning powerfully and plenty of chances to let your hair down. Spur of the moment holidays and journeys are highly favoured. Autumn is a time to reflect, but it’ll have high points too, with optimistic chances to change employment or property. Try not to ignore the needs of relatives, even the annoying ones.


Don’t become the fierce growly Tiger cliché this year. Diplomacy and tact will win many of your battles, even in the wars of love and partnerships. During the Sheep Year, many Tigers will be marrying, cementing their romantic bonds, making fresh friends or meeting an important someone new. Whichever it is, you’ll need to adapt to your newcomer. Spring’s excellent for study, research, creativity, sporting activities and extending your social circle. The summer will be fun, but expect family demands to drain some time and energy. If you’re holidaying, head for wild and natural environments. In friendships and love bonds, ameliorate tensions with compromise. There’ll be important things to sort out if you don’t. Throughout autumn and winter it’ll be a voyage of self-discovery, of finding out who you truly are and what you want out of life’s voyage. There’ll also be social fun and some novel experiences. Experiment!


The Year of the Sheep is not a time to hide from the world, rather it’s a period in which to embrace it and experience whatever it has to offer. There are new things on the horizon, in love, in your art, spirituality or even family dynamics. Be flexible, evolve with your environment and take heed of the needs and opinions of others. Spring will be invigorating. Whatever you’re up to, it’ll be rewarding but hard work. This is the time to start new projects or employment. The summer and autumn are brilliant for evolving relationships of all kinds, but especially romantic ones. Creative Hares will be motivated and ultra inspired. However, if you feel blocked, head for open natural spaces and inspiration will soon come and vacuum your doubts. Winter heralds new thought processes and the need to adopt more responsibilities. Organize your diary well and you’ll find time for everything.


In the Year of the Sheep, Dragons should make plans, put down roots, and generally embrace the experiences the earth is holding out to them. Expect some surprises in your love life, including actions and decisions from your partner that you never expected, as well as the opportunity for a new love beginning. Through the spring there’s music and creativity. Stand up for yourself, but stay calm. Summer will be extremely social, with new types of outings, surprise invitations and days, weeks or in some cases months away. The odd Dragon will even emigrate - and why not? Autumn will calm you down, with hassles to face at work, odd moments from neighbours and changes in the dynamics of friendships. Don’t confide in the wrong person. The cold months will witness you getting back on top form, both intellectually and physically. Whatever changes you want now’s the time to visualise and enact them.


Listen to what other people are saying. Even if you’re right and they’re wrong, they deserve to express themselves and make their own stupid mistakes. You should not seek to control everyone in your life. Spring onwards, you’ll be making more effort in your love life, nurturing relationships and making some tough decisions. Don’t neglect your family either. There’s some important news from this quadrant winging your way. The summer will be fun, but you will need to resist someone close trying to usurp too much power in your consciousness and decision making processes. Some single Snakes will find and hunt someone who is going to be lovingly important. It is up to you how far this relationship progresses. The winter favours a move of home, the search for new work or focusing on inner growth. What is good is that you’ll learn both about yourself and those around you.


The Year of the Sheep will focus your attention on what you really want out of life. You’ll be making decisions about where you live, who you live with and which lifestyle you aspire to. It won’t all be serious stuff though. The summer will be a lot of fun, with travel and broadening social horizons. If you’re single, love chances could come at any time before the autumn ends. The spring will witness family rearrangements and the emergence of new and stimulating friendships. Many Horses will take on some extra study. If you go that extra mile, success could be yours. Follow your interests and your heart. As autumn turns to winter, you’ll be forging new exercise regimes and really getting to grips with becoming who you want to be. It’s also a time to assert yourself at work or in business. Say what you want to say.


This is your year Sheep! And that means it’s time to go forwards in life. For many of you this will mean renewed confidence, progress at work or in business, and a reformatting of love relationship dynamics. Make your life what you want it to be. There’ll be quiet times; periods in which to enjoy your home. Many Sheep will reconnect with nature, either by gardening, travelling and exploring, or by gaining a companion animal. Expect news of a birth before the spring ends. Ignore criticism and make your own judgements. Summer will surprise you in many ways. Adapt and be flexible. Positive Celestial energies will support your efforts. Autumn and winter will excite both your inner home bird and your socialite exoskeleton. Whatever world you’re moving in, it will become richer intellectually and more stimulating emotionally. In love relationships, share your feelings if you want things to evolve positively.


Safeguard your health during the Year of the Sheep. Pay attention to diet, sleep patterns and exercise regimes. Many Monkeys will have to make decisions regarding a romantic relationship or how you connect to family members. During spring and beyond, many Monkeys will experience or initiate changes in their career. Whether you’re returning to work after being a mother, looking for your first job or just seeking transformation of your path, head for your goals. This is not a year in which to settle for second best. The summer will be excellent for mixing and mingling, and romancing if you’re single. As the hot days head towards autumn, be tactful when personal misunderstandings occur. Think before you speak. Autumn is a phase for thought and reflection, and will be particularly useful if you’re an artistic or media working Monkey. In both autumn and winter expect new people to make an impact.


The start of the Year of the Sheep might cause you to say, ‘Why can’t life be easier?’ There’ll be tensions in all kinds of relationships and criticism from someone close, and even by your own standards, your working or study life needs a boost. Apply yourself and focus, and then by the summer many of you will have gained victories. In love, be diplomatic and patient. Some Roosters will gain promotion or respect, while others will get the opportunity to reassemble their scattered thoughts. As the autumn begins you’ll find yourself reassessing a close friendship or love partnership. Don’t act until you have secured all the facts. Toleration will get you everywhere over the winter. Your key concept for the Year of the Sheep is, ‘evolve’. Challenge yourself and your abilities. The late year is especially promising for adopting a new creativity or connecting with your spiritual path.


The Year of the Sheep’s a whole different challenge to 2014. It is a time of choices. Be proactive in all family matters concerning young people and education. Someone has to be a protector and guardian of justice. While the spring is around, open your mind to fresh educational choices. Intellectual Celestial energies promise that if you learn something new it will come in useful, as well as giving you pleasure. Do something out of the ordinary during the summer. You need to fight staleness by challenging yourself. A new love could be heading your way. If you’re already partnered, do not let someone else’s flattery distract you. Late summer and autumn, travel and fun times away will refresh your optimism, but your main sphere of activity will be in art, the home or moving dwelling. You have a solid sense of intuition. It’s time that you utilised its guidance.


The Year of the Sheep is harmonious with Pig energies, so relax and get on with your life. There could be some emotional tensions around the summer, but nothing that you can’t handle if you assert yourself boldly. Otherwise, your serenity should grow rather than diminish. In spring there’ll be moments of work or neighbourhood tensions. Just remain calm and state your case in a compassionate way. In both spring and summer you’ll be inspired to get involved with your local community or generally help out in an unusual way. This’ll be both fun and productive. The autumn is best for long journeys or extensive travel, as well as decorating and connecting to your home. It’s not time to move yet. During the winter you’ll need to create changes for younger or older family members. Persuade them rather than push. A new romance could accompany you into the colder 

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