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30% Off Your 12 Month Personal Horoscope Forecast & Character Analysis Combination Report

30% Off Your 12 Month Personal Horoscope Forecast & Character Analysis Combination Report

Chinese Horoscopes 2016


The Year of the Monkey will prove interesting for Rats. It will give you insight into the thoughts, motivations and plans of a lot of the people around you. However, be aware that not everyone can be trusted and watch out for certain individuals playing power politics, especially at work. Your home life will contain family challenges, but many Monkeys will renovate or improve their dwelling, creating a more inspiring and likeable environment. Until March, romantic Celestial energies suggest you give your loved ones some solid attention and understanding. From March until September, many of you will be going forwards at work or stepping out into a new employment sphere. Be prepared for difficulties surrounding older family members. Stay tactful. Fortunately, after August you’ll be more inspired spiritually and creatively. It might be wise, especially if you desire peace, to be more tolerant of other people’s ways and opinions.

30% Off Your 12 Month Personal Horoscope Forecast & Character Analysis Combination Report

30% Off Your 12 Month Personal Horoscope Forecast & Character Analysis Combination Report


This Year of the Monkey will hold new romantic delights for some Oxen, and for others, the chance to refresh an existing love relationship. You’ll realise how important your friends are, and very significantly, come to understand who you can rely on and who you can’t. Any Oxen involved in study will be inspired to greater efforts and success by stirring Celestial energies. During the first year half, don’t rush any changes. Your focus should be on becoming efficient in all you do. This is not only possible, it’s likely. After the summer it could be time to get out the paintbrush and show your home just how creative and visionary you can be. The autumn is a fine time for overseas travel and for some of you, there’ll be a chance or two for romance. Also, don’t be afraid to advise or take an active hand in assisting older family members.


Well Tigers, if you play your cards right, and inspire yourself to act with panache and energy, this Year of the Monkey could be your time to burn even brighter. For many of you the social arena will glow, as fascinating new contacts or even lovers swerve into your orbit. Career climbing Tigers should use their connections to get ahead, and if you’re in business utilise new, modern and radical ideas. There are fresh markets out there if you look for them. January to April, single Tigers will be pleased if they make an effort to meet new and eligible characters. Likewise, all Tigers should put some creative power into their home, lifestyle and diet. Throughout the summer, travel, sport and musical outings are promoted by fun loving Earth energies, so why not experiment? August to October is an optimum time to move home or redesign your living space.


All things are possible. The Year of the Monkey could be good for Hares in many ways. It will grant you time to think and plan, opportunities to love and be loved, and chances to involve with new things, projects, arts, community stuff or anything you desire really. Put your ideas into practice. If your spirituality has been flagging, you will find it rejuvenated. Hares who hit a difficult relationship spot, will discover a radical solution that suits everyone. The first six months will feature hard work, but you won’t really mind because you will be enjoying it, and getting many of the results you desire. Midyear, love decisions could confuse you for a while, but by August you’ll really know what you want and what you’re going to do. June to October, family matters will take up some time but there’ll be space for relaxation and fun too.


Yes, your high expectations for the Year of the Monkey could well be fulfilled, on one proviso: you need to be honest with yourself as to your goals, and when you have that clarity, go for what you want. The Earth energies and Celestial energies will combine this year to push you forwards. This isn’t a dress rehearsal, the future is now. Also, Dragons seeking spiritual purpose will be inspired with many of the answers they are seeking. After February, love relationships and friendships will need adjusting. You need to learn to communicate in a tactful and loving way. April to October, be cautious with finances. There’s no need to show off your spending power. June, July and August, you’ll be empowered to do what you want to do: love, travel, retire, relax, get fit or just enjoy yourself. August to November, listen, read between the lines and learn something new.


Snakes do need to be rather thoughtful and careful during the Year of the Monkey. It is not a time area in which to be rash, be too optimistic or rely too much on other people. The fields in which you will succeed or harvest enjoyment are: spirituality, the arts, travel and friendships. Some of you will even take the big plunge and relocate overseas, while others will just take a good holiday or paint their bedroom. January to May, fiery Celestial energies could make you restless. You need to use your brain and creative powers, and make the changes you need at work or in your career. Don’t accept jealous criticism. April to August, eat well and safeguard your health. Also, reforge your connections with nature and your environment. The final six months of 2016 offer a chance of love, study opportunities and frustrations from long term friends.


To make the most of your Year of the Monkey, plan it well and have the courage to improvise. For many of you, this year will actually be about finding out who you really are and what you want from this journey of life. Be honest with yourself and insight will come. Your keywords for this year are: new, new and new. Get things going, take it all on, embrace change, seek love in unexpected places and remember to relax and enjoy yourself. The first six months will allow you to get a certain relationship back on track, as well as organise some interesting family events. The second six months will revolve around travel, nature based activities, birth and children. Luckily, work and business will be growing during this time phase. October on, some particular people will prove frustrating, but don’t allow them to know they’re escalating your insanity levels.


Many of you will find your perspectives shifting during this Year of the Monkey. The things that you thought were really important will suddenly seem not particularly relevant. Even things that you have fought to preserve will suddenly seem fit only for the bin. You won’t be making any changes for the sake of it, only in accordance with your inspiration and to make your life better. March, April, August and September will present challenges from other people, their attitudes and shifting energies surrounding business or work. Be brave and take action to create the required solutions. You possess the insight and the energy to triumph. August to November, expect new relationships, news of a birth and many exciting flurries of activity. Someone in the family or a neighbour will drive you bananas. Walk away, go on holiday, do anything but make things worse by retaliating or being rude.


Well Monkeys, this is your very own Year of the Monkey. You need to decide how you’re going to make it ultra special. What you need to know is that you’ll be inspired, energised and even pushed by the tides of fate to go forwards. Activities and plans revolving around education, humanitarian actions and creative enterprises are especially favoured and promoted. Some Monkeys will marry or meet someone new in the summer. For all of you there’ll be some extra positive love vibes floating about. The autumn will be hectic and productive, but you may find a few more grey hairs once it’s over. Seriously consider offers of promotion or fresh employment. Concentrate on intimate relationships and family matters once winter comes. You’ll be organising, helping, advising and sometimes finding yourself a bit of a dogsbody, but it’s all for a good cause: that is peace, harmony and togetherness.


The Year of the Monkey will teach you a few things, but just in case you can’t work them out, or haven’t got time to do so, because you are a busy Rooster, what you will learn is that life is not about rushing and pushing, it’s about savouring and relaxing. It’s not about proving your worth and material gain, it’s about feeling like you belong and having a smile. Until the summer, you’ll be tying up loose ends and sorting out home or vehicle matters. Work colleagues and friends will need your words of guidance, but try not to let them begin to rely on you or you’ll regret it. Midsummer, experiment with new social horizons. You might just find a love chance lurking. After the summer you will step forwards into new situations and adventures. Some of these will be career orientated, but still worthwhile and ground breaking.


It isn’t always easy being a self-critical and conscientious Dog. Luckily, the Year of the Monkey will actually make you feel that life is getting brighter. You’ll be energised to create change and get things done. Even the chores that usually seem like a drag will take on new faces. By the middle of the year you will have sorted out who in your family and friendship group actually needs your help and who is just freeloading. The summer will be fun, travel, music and for some of you, love. Autumn will be a little more serious and hard working, but does offer employment opportunities, educational options and refreshed creative libido. In the winter, pay attention to what children and younger people are actually saying. However, some critical adults will need disregarding. Do what you can to fight off the cold month blues. Gather your friends and plan fun expeditions.


There will be moments during this Year of the Monkey, when you think, ‘Why me?’ but, not that many. Mostly it’s a year for cementing love bonds, reforging friendships, buying a home, living artistically and creatively and concentrating on getting your health back to optimum performance. There will be tones of blossoming romance for many Pigs. Embrace it and you will be surprised what develops. Little Porkers and grown Pigs in educational forays need to open their minds to new theories, concepts and ways of working and revising. The good results are out there if you can transform within. The spring is enjoyable and productive, changeable and busy. Summer will bring love, family fun and nigglesome hassles around work or finance. Autumn rolls in with deepening communication, growing relationships and chances to chill. Winter will need planning, thought and consideration. Include everybody, upset nobody. Also, don’t forget household repairs. 

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