Chinese Horoscopes Year of the Dragon

The 23rd of January 2012 begins the Chinese New Year.

This Chinese year is number 29 and is known as ‘Jen Ch’en’, or more popularly, ‘The Year of the Dragon in the Rain’.

‘Ch’en’ is the Earth energy associated with the Dragon, and ‘Jen’ is the Celestial energy of Water. Therefore, if you give birth to a child this year he or she will be a Water Dragon.

Dragon children are imaginative and innovative. They can be dreamers, and expect much from themselves, usually seeking to excel in whatever field their passion leads them into. Their egos can be brittle, so it’s best to build up a young Dragon’s confidence rather than bash it down and dent their formidable pride. They love to take the lead and promote their ideas.

Emotionally, Dragons are intense, and they form strong attachments. There’s also a tendency to idolize a parent, teacher, friend or older sibling. If a Dragon idolizes you, their scorn will be remarkable if you let them down or show that you’ve feet of clay. Add to this the softening effect of the Water element, and it makes for a Dragon child who’ll be amenable, creative and optimistic.

Water Dragons are much more likely to be team players, and they accept failure or defeat more gracefully. They can show elements of shyness, but this will not detract from their abilities as excellent communicators who are instinctively diplomatic. Water Dragons are even able to delegate responsibility and make allowances for the failings of other people. One thing which marks out a Water Dragon is patience, a virtue which most Dragons find challenging, until experience teaches them its merits.

All Dragons have formidable amounts of energy. They are known for their intellect, artistic panache and their ability to win supporters. On the downside, they can be over proud, dogmatic in their opinions and eccentric in their ways. They also need to learn to stick to things, as their initial immense enthusiasm can burn itself out if the results are less than promising or things get boring. Dragons can be stubborn and overbearing.

However, Dragons are tireless workers and campaigners. If you have a problem, you really want a Dragon on your side! They are doers. Some Dragons have a problem with their egos, but they will always come up trumps for their friends and families.

Frank Sinatra was a Dragon, and as he said, ‘I did it my way'.

The Year Of The Dragon is excellent for Dragon people. It’s a time in which to make a real effort to realize your goals. The tide of the cosmos is behind you. There will be irritations, but nothing you can’t handle if you use your wit instead of your temper. Whatever field of life you walk, express yourself.

For career, creative and business Dragons there’ll be breakthroughs and opportunities which should not be missed. You will be hectic and busy all year, but you will enjoy it and you will get the results you need.

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