Chinese Horoscopes Year of the Hare

March may be associated with Hares but February 2011 is a special time for them too as we enter the year of the Metal Rabbit or Hare.

Metal Hare Year

The last Metal Hare year ran from 6th February 1951 to January 26th 1952, so it’s been a long wait, of course there have been more recent years of the Hare (1963, 1975, 1987 and 1999) but they have had different elements.

Hares tend to be private individuals and a little introverted which usually means that they like to work behind-the-scenes. Nevertheless, they are not loners, they often enjoy the company of a group of good friends - it’s just that they like to be a part of the gang as opposed to the leader of it.

Chinese Zodiac

Hares are often the peacemakers of the Chinese zodiac and tend to be very even tempered. If they find themselves dealing with a difficult situation they like to remain calm and rely on their intelligence and charm to smooth troubled waters.

Bunnies love their burrows and like to have a comfortable and attractive, though not flamboyant, home with everything in its place. Hares tend to be sophisticated and often drool over the latest fashion magazines, they also like music and other artistic pastimes.

Year of the Rabbit

This sign can also be known as the Rabbit, but don't worry there has been no cross breeding, it simply what ever you prefer!

If you are expecting the patter of tiny feet this year remember that young bunnies can be very emotional and may burst into tears over the slightest thing, which can result in them being seen as a cry-baby by tougher characters. Hare youngsters love stability and order and can benefit from the stability a family brings but they hold a special place in their hearts for their mothers and this strong bond usually lasts a lifetime.

Metal Hares are more outgoing than most of their species and tend to have more friends although they are still far from pushy. They are ambitious and they throw themselves and their emotions into everything they do, blessed with a tendency towards good luck they frequently get what they want. In love they are intense though not outwardly affectionate.

So what does the Year of the Metal Hare hold for us? Obviously it’s a great year for all people born in previous years of the Hare - particularly in relation to their career and private life.

More generally, folks who are not Hares should find life is particularly family oriented and that hard work will be rewarded. They may also find themselves very aware of the needs of others which they will meet in practical ways.

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