Chinese Horoscopes Year of the Snake

In the traditional Chinese calendar, February 10th’s New Holiday Moon begins a New Year. It is the Year of the Snake. To be precise, it is the Year of the Water Snake, so baby Snakes emerging in this year will be Snakes ruled by the element of Water. This kind of Snake is also called, ‘The Snake in the Grass’ or in Chinese ‘Kuei Szu’.

What can we expect from the Snake Year? Internationally the Year of the Snake is renowned for protest movements, civil unrest or wars that escalate out of nowhere. It is a time for national leaders to exercise delicate diplomacy and swift action as soon as a crisis arises. There are promising omens that some sectors will witness the beginning of a financial recovery, but in others and in some countries, the fiscal downturn will get far worse. For your FREE Chinese Horoscope for 2013. However, it will be a great year for innovations in art, music, fashion and the media.

All Snake people are intelligent, funny, shrewd, fussy, moody, individualistic, intuitive, mystical and ambitious. A baby born this year will be a Water Snake, and as any naturalist knows, water snakes are by far the most deadly. Luckily, your little Water Snake will not be murderously lethal, but will possess killer charm, with the ability to influence and sway other people’s opinions and emotions. He or she will be gifted with charisma and a firm will to succeed: radiant talents that could propel them to success or leadership in their chosen field.

Water Snakes seek achievement in their career or business, and have the focus, concentration, will power, networking skills and pragmatism to find it. These Snakes will be attracted to the arts and enjoy indulging their passion for them, but will only choose a life path within an art that offers adequate material rewards. Young Snakes are popular and attractive to others. However, their talents can make other children jealous, so they can potentially be targeted by bullies. Fortunately, a Snake child will gather a circle of allies around them, and no matter how long it takes, efficiently get their own back. Water Snakes are among the most intelligent, creative and strong minded of all the Snakes. For your CHINESE DAILY HOROSCOPES...

If you are a Snake then this is your year. It is not a time in which to get carried away or act rashly. You will make solid progress in many life spheres, but it will all seem to go forwards slower than you expect, and perhaps not be quite up to your expectations. Stay chilled, refuse to rush anything, and don’t make any grandiose changes. You will need to work hard and communicate diplomatically to keep the peace in a special friendship or love bond. Artistic and spiritual pursuits will offer hope, serenity and renewed purpose.

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