Dempsey's Party Goes Swimmingly

Published: Monday, 30 March 2015 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

Generally thought of as emotional, sensitive and artistic, Pisceans aren’t really seen as party people; often they tend to prefer to explore the mysterious depths of the psyche alone rather than forming large shoals and partying with other fishes.

Nevertheless, last Thursday a galaxy of stars got together for an astrologically themed party to celebrate the birthdays of three famous fishes. The Piscean celebrities; John Demsey of  Estée Lauder, Alina Cho of CNN and Marilyn Gauthier of the Marilyn Agency have been sharing their birthday celebrations for four years and this year was no different. Three hundred and fifty guests received invites featuring mermen with coral hair riding a seahorse, and amongst those invited were; James Signorelli, Rachel Roy, Prabal Gurung, Bobbi Brown and Kelly Bensimon. Lucky partygoers were offered a number of fishy themed treats such fish shaped sweets and biscuits prepared by Cornelia Guest, whilst in a corner a large flat-screen TV played images of goldfish. It all sounds great fun, but Alina Cho did have one thing to carp about, she claimed last year she was inundated with gifts featuring the symbol of her watery star sign;

“I got all of these fish gifts…I got fish platters. I got fish key chains. I got a Swarovski coin purse in the shape of a fish. I don't quite know how you tell people, No fish gifts.”

Let’s hope she tried angling for something a bit different from the gift store this year.

Dempsey's Party Goes Swimmingly
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