Lady Gaga's Birthday 28th March

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We are all gaga about Aries, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga, who is 29 today. She rose to prominence with her August 2008 debut album; The Fame. Her third album Artpop, was released in November 2013, and it became her second number one album in the US.

Birthday Horoscope 28th March

The worlds favourite Fame Monster has been declared as one of the most influential people in the world by Time magazine. When not pressing platters, she involves herself with humanitarian causes and LGBT activism.

Daily Horoscopes 28th March

Lady-Gaga--2014-Paris-fashion-show--11-720x1035How was that Libra Full Moon? Are you still quaking from the energies, or are you still waiting for the impact to reach you? Today the Moon is still in Libra and whilst we all may contain to look towards sincerity in relationships, and avoidance of empty consumerism on the back of this, the big mover and shaker today is Mercury. Now Mercury has one of those days when it does well with one influence, and less so with another. In its link with Pluto it can help us to overcome the Libra double Venus link Full Moon, because it definitely asks us to look beneath the surface. Yet it also squares with Mercury, a repeat because of the recent retrograde. Go careful not to get too sucked in by the mutable location of both planets (Pisces/Gemini) because the whole insincerity thing can come up again. Better to say nothing than big ourselves up or over-egg a project we are promoting.  Equally because of the 3rd/10th House (by zodiac not sign) Inconjunction (Quincunx) between Mercury and Pluto, communication with a boss or authority figure needs handling delicately. To discover how this will unfold for your zodiac sign please join me for your FREE Daily Horoscopes.

Celebrity Relationships
Here are a few Aries celebrities born on March 28th and their past or present romantic connections:
Vince Vaughn (Aries) and Jennifer Aniston (Aquarius)
Julia Stiles (Aries) and
Heath Ledger (Aries)

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Lady Gaga's Birthday 28th March
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