Fantastic Feet

Published: Saturday, 25 January 2014 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

If you are in certain parts of the world right now, you’ll be enjoying midsummer, while other folks will be trying to pick the ideal holiday destination for their share of summer fun. Either way, your feet are going to be running free, devoid of socks, stockings and shoes. If you’re lucky, your feet are as pretty as Beyonce’s; complete with a perfect pedicure. But even if your toes are not mini works of art, they can play a part in many cultures and give some clues to your character. If you’ve ever entered a Temple or Mosque, you’ll know you need to remove your shoes before entering. There are several reasons. The first is simply practical - it keeps the area clean. Secondly, it is a mark of respect and thirdly, it is also an act of humility. If you should be lucky enough to go to Thailand, watch where you put your feet, as it is very rude to show your soles, point at someone with your foot or step over their legs. Equally, you should always remove your footwear before entering a Thai building.

The shape of your feet is said to be a guide to your character. If you have a long big toe, you are likely to be a creative person whose brain bubbles with new ideas. If your big toe is short, you are said to be better than usual at multitasking. A long second toe, suggests you are a natural leader, whereas a shorter second toe is the mark of a diplomat. The third toe represents your work ethic; if it is long, you could be prone to working too hard, if it is short, you are more likely to be relaxed. The fourth toe represents your family; if there is a callous underneath this toe, you may be taking on too much responsibility. If your fourth toe is large, your family probably means a lot to you. If your fifth toe is tiny, you may be childlike and find responsibility tiresome. Wide feet belong to hardworking, loyal people. Narrow feet suggest an artistic, pleasure loving character. If you have high arches, you are likely to be independent.

What secrets do your sandals reveal about you?

Fantastic Feet
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