Tarot Card Reading: Game of Thrones

Even if you’ve never watched a single episode of the media sensation that is The Game of Thrones the chances are you will have heard of it - and you may even know of some of its dynasties such as House Stark and House Lannister.

In some ways these can be compared to the suits or court cards of the Tarot and, and as you may know, each suit or court also comes with its ruling clan. And just like characters in a good story, they have their pleasant and less appealing sides.

Furthermore, just like the characters in a story, they reflect us, the people we meet or the archetypes of human experience that although represented as fictional characters, also refer to real, living people. So how do the ruling classes of the suits influence our situations, yes you have got it, the Kings and Queens? 

The suit of Wands

Let’s start with the ruling couple from the suite of Wands. Wands (also known as Staffs, Clubs, Rods or Batons) are associated with the element of Fire. They are the spark that gets things started. This suit is also associated with drive, willpower, energy, boldness and charm.

The Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands is a confident individual who knows what she wants and she is sure she can get it - and depending on where she appears in a tarot spread (like the other monarchs of the tarot) she could represent us or another person in our lives that we will encounter. The Queen of Wands celebrates sensuality and she can encourage us to relish our ability to attract others. However, if the Queen of Wands is reversed or in a blockage position in the spread, she can be telling us to temper our confidence with an awareness of our more vulnerable sides.

The King of Wands

The King of Wands represents the suit at its most vibrant, although not necessarily at its most effective, since Kings tend to lack the subtlety of their consorts. On the other hand he is highly charismatic and a natural leader and his appearance can encourage us to be the same. The King knows we have to take risks to meet our goals and his appearance in a spread can mean it’s time to do just that. His negative aspect is that of a domineering person who won’t listen to others, in fact you could say power has gone to his head.

The King and Queen of Cups

The King and Queen of Cups rule over the most romantic of courts and represent the power of the emotions, in particularly that of love. So you might expect them to be sweet and good natured. Well, they are, but remember what happens when love turns sour. Then they can be an unpleasant couple. The Queen of Cups could almost be the Queen of Hearts she is such a lovely lady who bring gifts of tenderness, empathy, tolerance and compassion. She can suggest that we will soon share our life with like-minded people or if we are lucky, someone as sweet as she is. Inverted or in a negative position her sweetness can turn to vitriol and whilst she can still appear charming, underneath, the person she represents can be vain, untrustworthy and shallow, in fact far more unpleasant than her spouse.

Game of Thrones

The King of Cups

The King of Cups also seems a nice guy. He is associated with wisdom, stability and emotional maturity. Like the King of Wands he can be seen as someone who is good at their job, disciplined and with all the facts to hand. Unfortunately in a negative aspect, he can suggest someone who uses emotional blackmail or has repressed emotion. At his worst he can be duplicitous just like The Queen of Cups and can suggest hidden enemies.

The suit of Swords

Pity the poor Swords, they’re probably the least popular royal subjects in the entire pack, and their popular archetype is that they are the bad guys of our tarot saga. But this is actually unfair, as they just want to show us the truth but the problem is that we may not want to hear their wisdom.

The Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords solves problems. She’s a modern woman who is intelligent and can see what to aim for and what would be best avoided. Traditionally, she is said to represent divorcees and widows and she has learned how to be astute and savvy. On the other hand she can refer to someone who is spiteful, over-critical and misanthropic.

It’s hard to say how the story began but is the King of Swords so emotionally cold because of the Queen’s peevish attitudes or is she so petulant because of his icy manner? Either way neither of them are particularly loveable in their negative aspects, as the King of Swords can be infuriate, enjoying squashing people intellectually, and he has the brains to do it. On the other hand when he appears in a positive position he can be every bit as clever as his intelligent co-ruler and to be fair, although he can be a bit dim when it comes to dealing with emotions, he does have high moral standards. If you see the King of Swords in a spread, he often represents someone who works in a profession, probably business or law.

The suit of Pentacles

It’s not cheap running a royal kingdom and the courtiers of the suit of Pentacles certainly enjoy counting the royal coffers but they are about much more than money. To understand the suit we need to think of wealth in a much wider sense. So for example talents, good health, profitable work and what we can offer the world and the quality of lifestyle that we enjoy. The Queen of Pentacles (or Coins) understands this very well. She is home loving, loyal, family orientated - the perfect fantasy Queen, but she’s more than that she can also be arty, creative, have an earthy sensuality and be rather good at business matters. Reversed, she takes her qualities a little too far and then she can become problematic and snobby, money-grabbing and greedy, traits which are echoed in the King of Pentacles.

The King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles is all about success and if he appears in your spread, you too can have a breakthrough (whether you are male or female). He has every reason to be proud since he is both enterprising and reliable although sometimes he can take his pride too far and become big headed. In a negative aspect he warns against being so ambitious to the point where we lose sight of our relationships.

There it is, the saga of the Game of Thrones, tarot style; the everyday story of Kings, Queens, their archetypes, and how they can play out and influence our own lives and situations. 

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