Google Glitch or a Alien Craft

Published: Thursday, 23 January 2014 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

Could Google Moon Viewer have provided viewers with more than they bargained for, such as a secret moon base or an alien spacecraft? Speculation is running rife over an image found on Google Moon view at coordinates; 22042'38.46N and 142034'44.52E. The strange object was first spotted by a paranormal researcher (known only as WowForReel), who posted a video of his or her discovery on YouTube. WowForReel commented;

‘After going there on Google Moon and staring at this thing for quite a long time, I can say yes, it is really there, not faked and I have no clue what it is….I found nothing else like it in any of the other craters’.

If you look closely at the image, you can make out a triangular shape with rows of seven dots which could be lights along its edge. According to the website Tech and Gadget News:

'The gigantic shape actually looks like the leading edge of an immense, triangular space ship, similar to, so far, super secret (sic) stealth aircraft technology, but is much larger than any airplane ever built on Earth’.

This is not the first time WowForReal has found a mysterious triangular object. He/she also claims to have found a similarly shaped structure on Earth imbedded under the Antarctic ice.

The question remains, is the mysterious shape on the moon just a strange crater, a trick of the light, a fake, or something more mysterious?

Google Glitch or a Alien Craft
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