2014 Horoscopes

Each year we make the promise to ourselves, New Year, new start! It seems for 2014 this really is the case, as the entrée for 1st January is a New Moon in Capricorn. However, you may find rather like that overloaded Christmas dinner plate, 2013 will still be repeating on you when 2014 comes around, as the beginning of 2014 brings with it planetary movements causing unexpected reflux before settling.

So, if the months of 2014 were a 12 course tasting menu, then January would be serving up a first course of goat, the symbol of Capricorn. Furthermore, there is plenty of it, as the year gets going with four planets in this Sign, along with the New Moon joining the Sun on the 1st. The positive aspect of this formation comes from the New Moon in Capricorn, as this offers a fresh perspective on dealing with last year’s leftovers. For New Moons symbolise new beginnings. So, with communicative Mercury in Capricorn until the 11th, Politicians may begin the year still chewing on unresolved issues concerning structure and discipline, resources and maturity, as responsible Saturn rules Capricorn. With the influence of the New Moon helping to illuminate some previously unconsidered options, regarding organisations and restructuring of public sectors, along with redistribution of resources and public funds, particularly pension provision.

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However, this is not to say that the options laid out in January will be easy to swallow. As governments embark on these around the table discussions, they may find they are sitting at a square table. For with Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries all challenging the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn, there may be too much ‘getting their goat up’. So, at this time, it will be hard to reach any agreement, as decisions will be constantly opposed or denigrated, especially concerning care in the home with Cancer’s finalising Full Moon on the 16th. Furthermore, the added burden of Jupiter and Venus remaining in retrograde motion as the year commences, means progress will continually stall, and any resolutions reached will have little intrinsic value. As monetary decisions and incentives initiated under a retrograde Venus period will not bear fruit, requiring a complete overhaul when Venus moves forward on February 2nd.

Although, you may find a surprise kick to January’s first course, as unusually the month finishes with a second New Moon in Aries falling on shocking Uranus. This offers the opportunities to advance the individual, especially in entrepreneurial, martial, heroic and sporting pursuits. Also, under this transit, an infectious epidemic or its cure could occur, along with breakthrough surgical procedures. Yet, remember with Jupiter remaining stationary until March and conflicting Planets, progress will be rather like the Arian Athlete recovering from injury, as Planets may provide the fighting spirit necessary, but not the matching development. Moreover, these fits and starts persist throughout the first half of 2014, as Mercury, Mars and Saturn take their retrograde turn. It is only in July that some real headway seems to take place, as all personal planets move forward together and Jupiter enters the sunnier Sign of Leo, retrograde attention then turns to the Outer, generational planets.

Before then, Aquarius will make events a little easier to digest, as from around mid- January the Sign of the water-bearer starts pouring liberally. So, any actions taken will have been weighed up considering the humanitarian implications, as January sees the Sun following Mercury into Aquarius. Thus, this combination highlights rail and air travel, as well as technological communication. With ideas flowing quickly and freely in this lighter Sign, it is something of a palette cleanser, after heavy Capricorn, as the air is cleared and ready for the upcoming fish course, as planets move into Pisces.

For Pisces is symbolised by two fishes swimming in opposing directions, and as February begins this appears apt, as Mercury joins mysterious Neptune in this Sign followed by the Sun, things become a little vaguer. This is only heightened from the 7th, when the fishes start doing the backstroke turning retrograde. At this time, alcohol and drug dependency concerns could hit the headlines, as well as scandals centring on prisons, hospitals, nursing homes or care facilities. Also, day to day life will be disturbed when Mercury retrogrades, in particular spillages, flooding or disrupted sea crossings could cause chaos. However, this will be short-lived, as from the 13th Mercury has second helpings in the Sign of Aquarius.

However, second time around it may not be so satisfying, as Mercury retrograde in Aquarius could provoke large scale misunderstandings, perhaps even resulting in organised strikes and riots. The situation is further aggravated by Saturn’s conflicting position in Scorpio, inciting criminal and destructive behaviour, as well as an inharmonious Leo Full Moon on Valentine’s Day signifying the end of outmoded ruling elites.

Although the outcome of such disturbances may eventually improve everyday living, with March bringing two New Moons in spiritual Pisces and an opposing Full Moon in analytical Virgo. Therefore, we could especially witness a change in the way service industries are organised and a cut back in red tape, as an emphasis is placed on intuitive empathy. Although efforts will still be plagued with setbacks throughout March, as Libra Mars remains retrograde with Scorpio Saturn also turning stationary. As March nears the end, changes start to take shape though, as having moved onto a more fiery serving with the Sun in Aries, all four Cardinal Signs are activated once more, but this time the karmic Moon’s Nodes have made the transition into Libra. So, any decisions reached now will be more amicable, as the weighing scales consider all ingredients.

On a positive note, the beginning months’ of 2014 may contain a sequence of retrograde planets, but their presence allows individuals another opportunity to resolve past matters, as well as breathing space to internally prepare for upcoming changes. For the latter half of the year, big changes are ahead leading up to December which finishes like January began, with a New Moon in Capricorn, but this time on a critical degree promising transformation. Following this, a new course is served up with Saturn leaving Scorpio and entering philosophical Sagittarius, giving 2015 a completely new flavour. So this may only be a taste of things to come, but knowing the order gives us something to takeaway!

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