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You are invited to a sweet sixteen celebration, and the invitation includes a plus 1. However, before you start thinking of who to take along, this is no ordinary get-together, but a planetary one. With an astrological request, inviting you to plus 1 year forward and see what 2016’s Solar Return delivers!

So the date, the 1st January 2016, but this Solar Return seems more school reunion than surprise party. Due to the fact that as each New Year begins, like familiar faces, each Planet makes a return. However, before you R.S.V.P for 2016’s Solar Return, take a quick glance below at the planetary guest list. Of course, like a party, just by checking the guest list does not ensure how 2016 will pan out until it is in full swing. However, you could say if you know whose attending and the ‘no shows’, then you have a good idea of the mood of the upcoming proceedings!

Therefore, a Solar Return sees the Sun as host, taking centre stage and its guest of honour is the Zodiac Sign of Capricorn. For as each year increases in age, it seems only fitting that mature Capricorn marks this event. With 1st January seeing the Sun always in the Cardinal Sign of Capricorn, providing structure and objectives for the year ahead. As the symbol of the mountain goat, sets its sights on conquering future challenges. However, 2016 sees this mountain goat stamp out its message of measures of austerity loud and clear, as planetary Postman, Mercury begins the year in careful Capricorn too. While, there is no change of address from transformative Pluto still resident also in this Earth Sign, but instead promising further changes to address.

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So, reserves and finances continue to remain the main content of 2016, as scarcity drives the process of attempting to utilise what we have at our disposal, along with creating sustainable alternative methods. This continuing to be a major concern, as Pluto maintains its post in Capricorn until 2023. However, it seems in 2016 great changes in wealth seem likely, due to Mercury beginning the year at a significant degree connected with the accumulation of finances and ideas. Although the planning and task of evenly distributing resources will continue to stir up trouble, reflected by conflicting Cardinal Planets. As Mars kicks off the year in Libra obstructing Mercury, riling up antagonism, affecting everyday routines and spending, as it is a case of money in, money out. With the younger generation, early education and childcare particularly targeted.

While added to this, the Sun and Pluto closely united are impeded by Uranus maintaining its habitation in Aries and the first Moon of 2016’s placement in Libra, providing a glimpse of the general ambience this year. So past errors still require addressing, as does a broad updating of official documents and procedures, applying less of a group mentality and instead seeing the individual. Also, 16 is commonly referred to as a coming of age, this seeming appropriate as the elderly population continues to expand, making it necessary to invest extra in their daily needs, as Uranus and Mars suggest unexpected problems. Although, Mars highlights the necessity to retain flexibility in the application of new laws and changes, as hiccups may arise putting theory into practice.

So 2016 may bring a coming of age with Capricorn Planets, but also a coming of sage, as age usually bestows wisdom. As 2016 commences with astute Saturn progressing its journey through wise Sagittarius. However, 2016 embarks with Venus in Sagittarius too, the Sign of publishing, so books and writing are starred, but balancing the books regarding worldwide spending and the letter of the law, establishing fairness is of real significance this year. Although with contradictory Mutable Planets, difficulties in maintaining equilibrium seem likely.

As Neptune spends 2016 still in Pisces, while the North Node resides in opposing Virgo, along with Jupiter for the majority of 2016, due to it retrograding from January. So achieving certainty and clarity over details remains murky, as government figures on the impoverished and the funding of health services and foreign aid cause further concerns, along with real or imagined threats from extremist groups. Therefore, vulnerable groups incorporating the homeless, those with mental health issues and addictions and the need for services are continually highlighted through this year.

So, is 2016’s Solar Return something of a return to sender? Well, it is perhaps more bitter sweet than sweet sixteen, but a bitter tonic. However, like a ‘healthy, wealthy and wise’ toast, 2016 appears to raise these topics, but with an absence of Planets in Fixed Signs, little maybe signed, sealed and delivered!

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