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Published: Tuesday, 3 December 2013 , contact Patrick on Facebook or Email.

Remember the fairytale of Goldilocks and the three bears? How the first bed was too hard, the next too soft, until she found one that was just right. And what about that porridge? Well, if Goldilocks had been following planetary movements, she would have no doubt found under a Jupiter transit life usually felt easier, while when Saturn came along, times proved far more testing, but when Jupiter trined Saturn, it seemed just right!

For when Jupiter trines Saturn by transit, it appears to bring the necessary sugar in order to digest life's gruel, making these ringed Planets a perfect balancing act for one another. As the rings of Jupiter reinforce the exuberant, abundant energy required to deal with the circus of daily life. Whereas by contrast, Saturn's rings are limiting, providing the necessary determination and boundaries to perform life's one man show within.

So, you could say when Jupiter trines Saturn by transit, it is a time of balancing, in a sense the great weigh-in, as we carefully weigh-up all matters at this juncture. This collective weight-watching means there is a general concern with addressing any imbalances, as we correct any past mistakes we have been avoiding tackling up until now. For under this transit, there is a strong feeling of judging yourself, as well as bestowing you with sound judgement, as fair-minded Jupiter combines with level-headed, Saturn.

Therefore, used properly, this transit should help illuminate what is really important in life, with Jupiter providing the positivism and Saturn instilling the single-mindedness to focus our sights on achieving this. For this transit makes knuckling down to hard work come naturally, and distractions are avoided with less effort than usually expected, as we remain absorbed by long-term goals. Although, we must guard against blind, tunnel vision under this transit, as used to full effect, these Planets working together can benefit not just ourselves, but the community as a whole.

For Jupiter softens Saturn, while Saturn offers further inspiration to Jupiter, the repercussions influencing humanity, as individuals unite for the overall good of  mankind. Jupiter's joy gives us all fresh hope universally, but combined with Saturn, long held traditions of our elders are still respected and injustices taken into account. The overall world should see this as a cycle of progress, as this is a period when wise discussion can be undertaken, as negotiations run smoothly and guidelines are established. As under this transit, implementing any changes or planning for the future will see that agreements are made amicably and congenially and investments sound.

We can see this currently as Jupiter trines Saturn, but with Jupiter retrograde presently, advancement will be less visible and more internalised. For every three years or so Jupiter will conjunct, square or oppose a Natal Planet, and when it contacts a personal Planet the results are experienced more profoundly by individuals. However, Saturn is a Planet where the results are slower and more enduring. So, this is an excellent time to renew routines or discard habits that have become ineffective. True harmony only arises when you balance job satisfaction and responsibility equally, and the world generally, should now start to create guidelines that benefit society. Everyone should now feel more optimistic and have their inner faith renewed, while also acknowledging policies and commitments that are based on pure old-fashioned commonsense.

Under this transit, there will be a definite perceived sense of less pressure in pursuing objectives. Instead, it will feel a more enjoyable affair. With any hard work undertaken being rewarded when this transit comes around, while any previous stalling on advancing will see the green, go ahead sign, now glowing. Over a period of time, you should effectively find some true purpose and meaning in your lives, as Jupiter expands and allows growth in everything it touches, and increases levels of elation and motivation. However, Saturn's aspect is there to remind us that we need to be practical and not exceed our expectations. It asks us to only undertake and acquire what is essential, this also applying to material possessions.

Subsequently, balancing Jupiter's optimism, which makes us more enthusiastic, but also further restless and overconfident. However, Saturn's sobering aspect should help us keep our feet remaining firmly on solid ground. As Jupiter transits a Natal Planet, it gives that part of our personality a boost to remind us not to underestimate our capabilities. While Saturn's presence reminds us not to go overboard and extend ourselves too quickly, but also to look at the outcome and details clearly. So, Jupiter's transits to Saturn tests the balance between desire and growth, while highlighting personal limitations. Therefore, the opportunities provided by Jupiter are kept realistic with the aid of Saturn's hard work and wisdom and his watchful eye on the target!

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